Mrs. Rastahomie Won't Stop Talking

I love Mrs. Rastahomie dearly, and I hope that any of you who see this don’t mention this thread to her at Spiffle II. However, The Pit is the place for ranting, and I gotta get this off my chest.

Mrs. Rastahomie talks all the freaking time. Do any of you people have any idea of what it’s like to be married to a person who never stops talking?

Here’s a bit of our conversation before work Friday morning. FTR, I was trying to read the SDMB at the time.

HER: Will you please take these 3 rolls of film to Meijer and get them developed?

— By all accounts, the conversation should have ended here. But read on…

HER: I want you to do it TODAY.
ME (Slightly miffed): I said I would do it today.
HER: I know. It’s just really important that I get them back today.
ME: OKAY!!! :mad:
HER: They’re going in the album I’m working on.
HER: These aren’t the ones from Mardi Gras.
HER: They’re from Thanksgiving and Christmas.
HER: Do you mind not doing the Mardi Gras ones right away?
ME: No, that’s fine.
HER: These are from Thanksgiving and Christmas.
ME: I remember.
HER: …When we went to Viburnum [her hometown].
ME: Yes, I was there.
HER: There’s some really cute ones of [various children in her family].
HER: So I’d really like to get these developed today.
HER: We should do the 1-Hour developing so we can get them back today.
HER: 1-Hour developing at Meijer doesn’t cost that much.
HER: We’ll do these today and the ones from Mardi Gras later.
HER: The ones from Mardi Gras are here on my desk.
HER: I think we should develop these first, since they’ve been sitting around longer.
HER: Unless we have the money to do the Mardi Gras ones today, too.
ME: No we probably don’t.
HER: OK, then we’ll just do these for now.
HER: We’ll develop the ones from Mardi Gras next paycheck.
HER: So can you take them in and get it done today?
ME: Yes, I said that before. :mad:
HER: It’s really important that I get these back today, because they’ve been sitting around for a long time.
ME: Again, I said I would do it today :mad:.
HER: Well you don’t have to get mad about it! Jeez!
HER: So, you’re taking them to the 1-Hour developing, right?
ME: :mad: Yes, the 1-Hour developing :mad:!
HER: At Meijer?
ME: Yes.
HER: And you’ll do it today?


We continued in this vein for the better part of 15 minutes.

Just about every conversation we have follows some sort of this pattern.


But I love Mrs. Rastahomie dearly :smiley:

This same kind of thing happens to me when I talk to my :: Drum-role please. Ready? here it comes… :: grandmother.

You didn’t secretly marry our grandmother, did you rastahomie?

If you didn’t, would you mind? I’d be willing to pay you if you would.

There’s good money in it, I promise!

rastahomie, you have my sincere sympathy. I have a sister who talks more than anyone can listen. A message from her on my answering machine to tell me what store to meet her at, and at what time, takes about 15 minutes (no, I’m not exaggerating - I wish I were!) Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to mind (or notice) when people stop listening and just nod and say “uh-huh” occasionally. I usually read while I’m on the phone with her.

I’m afraid I have to say that I’m the one who talks a lot. I try to stop. Really I do. Usually, I’m only trying to engage you in a conversation beyond one word. (For example, had you said something more than “OK” to yer honey, it wouldn’t have been so one-sided.)

Or I’m trying to say something witty and clever to make you like me, but your carefully studying your fingernails and doing the old “smile and nod” routine. So I have to try even harder.

I try, try, TRY to shut up, but it’s simply in my nature to be loquacious. The worst of my listeners are those who are SOMETIMES interested in what I have to say. So that one day I can be talking up a storm and you’re clearly delighted and interested in what I have to say, but the next day you’re irritated. How am I supposed to know which days are which.

Oh, and then when I AM quiet, someone invariably asks me, “What’s wrong?” So it’s like I HAVE to talk so that everyone knows I’m alive and well. Get it, or should I go on?


Mrs X did that for awhile. It stopped when one day I was cooking and she was behind me just rambling away when I turned around and said “Why have you been talking for ten minutes when you haven’t SAID anything”?

She doesn’t do it very often any more.

Too much of that and she may not be doing you very often anymore, either… :wink:

I’m with SexyWriter I’m the one that talks to much. Last weekend having a lie in with hubby:
Me: yadda yadda yadda
Me: oh and yadda yadda
Me: oh yes and then
Hubby " do you know you’v been talking for 45 minutes solid?" I am still so totally not convinced, but he swears its true <shrug> the great thing about my hubby is when I say “am I talking to much?” he says “no I love to listen to you talking” Now I know why I married him :smiley:

How come my post counts so low??? :confused:

i tend to be the person sitting quietly and staring at my napkin while other people talk. and i’m listening, of course. only i pretend i’m not, so when someone says something funny, i have to stifle my laugh so they don’t think i’m listening (which they probably expect me to be).

when i first started hanging out with my boyfriend, mark, he would talk and talk and talk, and i’d just listen. i liked it because i didn’t feel like i had to think of something to say; i wasn’t on the spot. and he says interesting things. then one day he realized that he’d been talking for about a month, and didn’t know anything about me. now he makes me talk.

but it’s ok, i care about him and like sharing things with him. even if sometimes i have to think for a minute and figure out something to say.

Did you get the film developed?

My husband sometimes “talks too much” also. It used to drive me bananas.

Then one day, I lost it and started yelling at him about it. Which led to a discussion of the problem. We figured out the underlying cause, and the problem has abated.

Basically here’s the deal: When he wanted my attention, he would keep trying to talk to me/engage me in conversaton. I would answer “OK” or whatever in an attempt to signal that I didn’t feel like conversing at that moment. He would keep trying to talk to me, because he felt ignored. My short answers would keep getting shorter because I didn’t want to talk. This eventually would lead to him feeling bad and me feeling annoyed.

Now, after our discussion, we are a lot more aware of what is going on. So if he starts “talking too much,” I’ll either say “I don’t feel like talking right now,” or I’ll stop what I’m doing and pay attention to him. He also recognizes the behavior in himself now (often before I do), so he will either leave me alone or say straight out “I want to talk with you” or “Hey! Pay attention to me!”

Sometimes, though, he will follow me around the house trying to strike up a conversation. I’ll glare at him, and he’ll say “I’m doing it again, aren’t I?” I’ll nod, and we’ll both have a good laugh.

Rastahomie, maybe you and your wife should talk it over. You may be able to (mostly) solve the problem. Good luck.

Isn’t the name for people that do this sort of thing “Time Burglars”?

I talk.
I talk a lot.
I talk just about any time anybody is in the general area, and they can hear me talk.
Jaime doesn’t talk a lot, but I don’t know if he is listening either. But it doesn’t matter, because I like the sound of my own voice. =)

Oh rastahomie, if you would only learn to speak wife ! She kept on because you did not pick up the film and go. Most wives don’t want to come out and say I want you to go on and do it right now . Mostly because men tend to resist that.

Tell me, does she often ask you to do things that you put off or sometimes even forget ? We really aren’t trying to be nags, we want to know you are listening and that you (the person we are talking to) understand how important it is to us that this be done.

Or maybe we just want to talk, some people love to talk, I love to talk, don’t you love to talk ? Let’s talk ok ? No really I mean it, let’s talk now, about anything, how about we talk about talking ? Talking is a good thing . Did I tell you I love to talk ? But let’s not talk about things that cause my eyes to cross like cars, or airplanes, or what all those little things in the computer do.

Why do I get the feeling rastahomie is sneaking up behind me with a bucket of bricks ? ::fleeing::

People who talk too much are one of my big pet peeves. Anthracite is right; they’re time burglers. And time is everything; time is life. If you don’t have enough money, you can take on an extra job. If you don’t have enough love, you can go meet new people. But you only get so much time. Every drop is precious. Any more, I’m downright rude to people who try to steal my time.

Now, if it’s your SO, on the other hand, there’s a much bigger problem. If it’s just mildly annoying right now, it’ll get worse and worse, and some day you’ll just explode. You should really sit down with her and talk to her about why she is doing this and what you can do to make things better. Perhaps she doesn’t think you guys talk enough anymore. Or perhaps in this instance, she didn’t think you’d actually get the film developed, that you were ignoring her. Of perhaps she’d just had a bit too much caffeine. Whatever, you should talk to her about this.

Mark? That’s new, isn’t it?

My dad and my little brother sometimes do the talk-too-much thing. I’ll just let them go on for a while and then say “did you know that you’re still talking?” It doesn’t always shut them up.

My grampa has a sign in his basement that pretty much covers this topic…

A wise old owl sat in a oak
The more he heard the less he spoke.
The less he spoke the more he heard -
Why ain’t you like that wise old bird?


Since TheNerd already asked, I’m just going to chime in here with an “I noticed that also.”

Cess, if you feel like sharing, please go ahead! If not, ignore us for being nosey!

I’d like to email this to the Dalai Lama, I bet he’d get a kick out of it.

You don’t have to try so hard. We like you.:slight_smile:

Don’t hurt yourself. Go ahead and talk. Let me know when and where and I will be there to listen. :smiley:

Yes I did. At Meijer. That very day. At the 1-Hour developing.

The pictures turned out great. :smiley: