MS Exchange pro's: Help! I want 2 'From' addresses.


I have MS Exchange Server, running Windows 2000 Pro & Outlook.

We work for two companies here in this one office. We want to receive emails and send them seperate from one another depending on which company. We don’t want to have to log-out and in every time we switch between the two accounts.

So, I have &, I want to read ALL incoming emails from 1 Outlook window (maybe 2 seperate ones, but that seems impossible), and when I reply or create new, I want to have it automatically fill in the proper email address in the ‘From’ field. If not that, I’d like to be able to choose which ‘From’ email easily.

Outlook doesn’t like it- when I add both email addresses to my account, I can get both emails to come to me, and use a rule to seperate them…BUT when sending, even if I type in the different email addresses in the ‘From’ field, it defaults to the first, main one when I hit send.

I’ve tried using delegates, but then it wants to say BOTH “On behalf of…” or something silly like that.

Any ideas?


Not sure if this is what you need, but try it:

  1. Set up two mailboxes on the Exchange server - one for each email. Use your main logon account for the primary Windows logon (I’m on NT Server, but it’s probably the same.) In the Email Addresses tab, change the relevant email protocol to whatever you want it to say.

  2. Open up one of the email accounts - whichever one you use most is fine.

  3. Go to Tools, Service - click on Microsoft Exchange Server.

  4. Click on Properties, then click on Advanced tab.

  5. Under “Open these additional mailboxes,” click Add - find the other email account you want to be able to see. You will be able to add whichever ones you want because your logon is the primary logon for both mailboxes.

  6. Click okay - now get out of Outlook and then go back in. You might have to log off the network and then back on. You should see in Outlook your own regular folder and then another folder below all yours for the second email account.

This is different from Delegating - using this method, you can send and receive stuff without any indication that you are sending on behalf of someone. However, you will need to manually put in the From address, but you can get a drop-down list quickly of all the Exchange mail accounts by clicking on From.