Multi flash card reader won't read - any ideas?

Okay, when I got this desktop computer, about 2 years ago, I really liked the convenience of the built-in multi flash card reader. However, a few months ago it stopped playing nicely, and I haven’t been able to work out the specific issue or how to fix it.

Basically, computer management and the formatting tool are able to detect when media have been inserted into the readers, (and how large the cards are,) but they show up as empty/0 bytes in windows explorer. Windows media player keeps giving me error messages for the flash reader (even when it doesn’t have a card in it,) and the command prompt doesn’t even admit that the drives exist.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers, I think. Any other suggestions or troubleshooting tips? I haven’t been able to find anything online. (The hardware is apparently medion flash cardreader XL 2.0)