Mundane popular things you'll probably never do.

I’ll probably never…

…watch gone with the wind.
…play a game of twister.

Have a cell phone

Watch the NBA

Get married, have children.

have a pet poodle

Go skiing.
Travel to Europe.
Own a house.
Get married.

Get a tattoo.

Go skiing.
Go on a cruise.
Read The DaVinci Code.

Take a picture with a cell phone.

Not sure why, but this is the first post in this thread which has inspired me to ask: why?

Do you have a cell phone?

I have camera equipment that probably totals over £2000 but I have taken pics with my phone simply because my phone is something I always have with me.

Eat beets.

Have kids.

Watch a sitcom. (I can’t say I’ve never done it, but I can say I’ll never do it).

I sure hope I do both of these.
And I hope my kids aren’t emo kids like me.

Go to Disneyland or any of the other related parks.

Leave the country.

Play lazer tag.
Eat a banana.
Get tattooed or pierced.
Attend a megachurch.
Be a groomsman or best man.
Do the macarena.

  1. Text something.
  2. Purchase individual appliances for each possible household task.
  3. Consider puppies a cash crop.

Give birth.


Buy an SUV.

Have television access in my home.

I’ll probably never…


…learn to play pinochle, bridge, cribbage, whist or canasta

…ride horseback

…milk a cow or a goat

…buy life insurance

…make a pie crust from scratch

…improve my handwriting past a jagged uneven nervous-looking scrawl

…read the Wall Street Journal

…or watch a reality show on tv



Wash my car (manually).

Own a pet.

Wear earmuffs.

I don’t have a camera phone, and probably won’t ever get one. I don’t see the point of having a phone that does all that extra stuff. I just need a phone. I suppose, if the next time I have to get a new phone, the only reasonable thing available takes photos, then I might someday use it. But. . . probably not.

Never ever will I ever…
Watch American Idol.
Get plastic surgery/Botox/collagen.
Let my dog sleep in my bed.