Mundane things that give you satisfaction

Winning a sword duel left-handed.

Opening a new jar of chunky peanut butter for the first time.
Taking a batch of fresh cooked cookies out of the oven.
Seeing garlic emerging from the bed that I prepared last summer and planted Halloween.
Getting that 1% keeper from the Adenium hybridization that turns out to be a new form.
Fixing things around the house that need repairing.
Getting my Outback washed, waxed, and cleaned inside…more points if Maintenance done.
There are so many things that are satisfying.

Oh, there’s something I ought to tell you.

Vacuuming, especially if it’s been a bit since you’ve last done so.
The albino squirrel becoming more comfortable with my presence. It seems to be realizing I am the bringer of food and will wait a few feet away while I fill their tray.
Ditto a family of crows.
A freshly made bed, with flannel sheets, on a cold night.
Long showers, with fabulous products, after you’ve worked hard.
Sliding on hardwood floors in fuzzy slipper socks. Maybe a tad juvenile, don’t care.
My cat curled up alongside me, purring.

This is like catnip for me.

Oh, good one. I actually love to vacuum.

Thanksgiving dinner reminded me that I get a certain amount of satisfaction from preparing a large meal and timing it just right so that everything is ready at the same time.

My husband usually gets up first to make coffee - that’s lovely though in itself - but the moment that makes me feel the most loved is when he gets out of bed and puts his own blanket on top of me.

Eating healthy. Don’t get me wrong: I only eat foods that I enjoy, so I’m not one to choke down something awful just because it’s good for me. But sometimes things work out just right and I’ll manage to string together a week’s worth of meals with different proteins (including fish), starches (including beans), fruits, cooked and raw vegetables and dairy products. It’s especially satisfying when I use up the last remaining mushrooms or peppers or whatever.

Reading a good book with the knowledge that you have two more books on completely different subjects that you are looking forward to reading.