Muscle magazine facial expressions

For anyone who’s ever looked thru a fitness or bodybuilding magazine, the over-the-top expressions of “intensity” on the faces of the athletes lifting weights are nothing new. I’ve always found these pictures comical and a little strange but i just found one that takes the ?wtf? cake.

What in the ever-loving fuck is this guy screaming about?! Is this the “hardcore” way of squirting Mio (or whatever crap he is squirting into a bottle of water)? Whatever it is, he looks fucking ridiculous doing it. “C’mon, light weight!!” “One more squeeze!!” “Light weight!” “LIGHT WEIGHT!!!”

I love how the title is “Easy to Use” while he’s screaming in effort. :smiley:

I literally laughed out loud at that. I can’t believe it’s not parody.

That little bottle is really hard to squeeze!

Typical weight-lifting mentality as demonstrated in this documentary:

“I demonstrate strength in everything I do”

The massive weights dangling from his Prince Albert piercing are not visible in the picture. That’s my only take on how that pic would make sense.

Easy to use ( and abuse)

He’s clearly screaming at the bottle. “Where’s my dinner biatch?” “You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny!!”

If you are talking about ads I’m not getting the unusualness of it. I see ads for cars, washing products, hygiene where people are making funny faces.

If you are referencing bodybuilders, I just googled image search for “athlete straining face” and found divers, shot putters, tennis players, gymnasts, etc making even more grotesque faces. But I guess they are not as good targets to make fun of as “meatheads”.

And no, I’m not a bodybuilder.

You’ve got to be kidding.

I take it more as ‘mugging for the camera in an irreverent way’ than ‘trying to look intense’…it’s far from the most ridiculous facial expression I’ve seen on a bodybuilder in a magazine.

If an athlete is looking particularly intense in the midst of the Olympic trials, that’s one thing. Having the same face on while stirring coffee is another.

He was in the middle of a massive deadlift when someone slapped him on the back and his face got stuck that way.

Overuse of anabolics has caused the model to experience testicular atrophy. I’d be pissed too.


That bottle is made of pure titanium. You try squeezing one of those.

You don’t agree that it’s normal for ads to go over the top when portraying human reactions to normal events?

Not to the extent of muscle mags, no. And before you say anything more, i am a bodybuilder. I have read these mags for years. If I’m wrong about the unique ridiculousness of these mags, show me examples that rise to this level in other genres.

Well sure but context is everything here. Have you seen a more ridiculous look in the context of doing something as non-exercise related as squeezing a bottle of Mio into a glass of water? And it doesn’t look like “irreverant mugging” to me, it looks like straight up screaming.

I like how he’s daintily holding the water bottle with his other hand. If you want to look tough, wrap that thing in your meaty paws, don’t hold it like Kendall Jenner trying to hold a pepsi.

Kendall Jenner is a “real” model, at least she made sure the [del]suckers[/del] consumers could see the label.

I hate to be that dude, but that ad made me think of Mengele selling supplements.

Disagree but whatevs. It’s mildly humorous if your take is that an otherwise strong person is having trouble squeezing a small bottle. My take is more along the lines of Lamoral’s.

Yes, yes I know. Aren’t you the guy who keeps getting getting your gym memberships revoked for obnoxious behavior?