What the hell is going on with this guys muscles?


What is going on with this guy? There’s no way, even with steroids, that his muscles developed in those grotesque spherical masses like that. I mean, look at his traps and the front of his shoulders.

What did he do to himself and is there anyway for him to ever actually fix it?

He got implants on his arms and shoulders. When you see him lifting weights at the end, you can see his real muscles flexing, and his arm implants just sitting there like bags of silicone. He could fix it by getting a doctor to remove the implants and some of the extra stretched skin.


Yeah, he’s probably had [URL"http://artsyswag.com/what-went-wrong-synthol-victims/"]synthol injections.

Might want to check that link again; I clicked it and got a popup from my AV that threats were detected.

Yep, that’s synthol for sure. There is a dude who has a column in Muscular Development called the “Ramblin’ Freak” who used to have arms like that; until they got infected and he almost died.

Why would someone do that to themselves?

I mean that as a serious question. I can understand the mindset of a bodybuilder, even those who build to what I would personally consider grotesque physiques. That is to some degree a competitive mindset, proving to themselves and to others what they can accomplish, not too dissimilar to why an ultramarathoner wants to run even farther. It is not health; it is not fitness; it is the challenge for its own sake. I understand being competitive, with others, and with yourself. But that? It reminds of a normal breasted, moderate hipped 20 year old woman getting breast implants to make herself DDD or more.

I just cannot grok.

Body dysmorphic disorder would be my guess.

They want to look like The Incredible Hulk.

Good lord that’s hideous.

Thanks for that. That got me to this article which you might find an interesting read too.

Muscle dysmorphia appears to be a particular subset of male body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and particularly associated with greater psychopathology. 50% of those with muscle dysmorphia (in that study) had attempted suicide! Not good. But yeah that seems like a reasonable guess.

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Anyone remember this guy?

I believe he was on an MTV documentary called The Man Whose Arms Exploded

Oh, and this is the “Rambling Freak” that I spoke of earlier in the thread (in case anyone was reading it).
ETA: This picture (or the headline) is an example of the scare tactics regarding steroids. It says: Steroids and their side effects. Then shows the picture of this guy all filled up with Synthol. Synthol is NOT a steroid. And last time I checked, synthol injections weren’t a “side effect” of steroid abuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

And they don’t want a woman in their bed.

Never mind, didn’t see your edit.

But you can’t seriously be defending roids.

No, I’m decrying misleading information and sensational coverage regarding them, however.

I thought the vid would be of the new traffic directing Geico guy. He’s pretty freaky looking, too.