Music video is an fun, intelligent commentary on males and females acting sexy.

This YouTube clip, has been up for four days and appears to go viral. It’s by a new artist. Ingrid Michaelsson. The video has hot (muscular) men and women dancing in a very “female” way, but the result doesn’t look gay at all, not that that would be a bad thing. It looks like everybody is just having fun with the boys chase girls chase boys thing.

And the singer has, for this video, exchanged her your-average-hipster-in-New-York-look for an ultra hot Sarah Palin look.

So, this video is a very catchy tribute to a Robert Palmer clip, sung by a young Sarah Palin look-alike, in front of a chorus of male and female models in heavy make-up who manage to be very sexy despite, or because of the gender switcharoo thing.

Judge for yourself and enjoy!

I dig it. And, well, it’s pretty interesting to catch a glimpse of what women have to put up with pretty much constantly.

Cool video and song, although I couldn’t help thinking that I’d first heard it about 20 years ago when it was called “Girls and Boys”.

It has been done by Shania Twain, too. But she has 2014-ed it very well.

Ingrid Michaelson is not a new artist. Her first label release charted in 2007, and her latest album, prior to this one, reached number 6.

This brings to mind two old issues.

First, the English language lacks a word for “straight women find this sexy” and always defaults to the male POV. For a bunch of man meat it just goes right to “homo-erotic” or “gay,” even though straight women vastly outnumber gay men. But gay men probably objectify other men more than all the straight women do.

Second, the sexes have different reactions to seeing their own members used as sex objects. Men call it gay or are physically repulsed. Women either don’t care, see it as an ideal to reach for, or think it’s objectifying. Maybe the “women are more bi” trope, and socialization for both sides.

That song was fucking awful. Awful like offal. Tedious, banal and odiferous, if a song can be. The video was boring and not sexy. Also not fun or intelligent; it was a waste of the 2 minutes I watched until I finally closed the tab. The only part of the OP that I thought was accurate is that it is indeed a music video. YMMV.

Agreed. Now, here’s some brain bleach for anyone that needs, it.

Also, a half million hits in four days isn’t viral.

I didn’t really get that from it since the men were being feminized (pink clothes, lipstick and makeup). Hyper-feminizing women is different than hyper-feminizing men. Not to say one is worse or better or whatever, they just don’t strike me as equivalent.


I feel I was not adequately warned.

I regret adding 1 more view to its tally.

After a careful review of the previous comments, I have decided not to watch the video. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

Dammit that’s catchy.

Not at all very good.

She really started off well (back in 2007). See for example this or this.

Those got “soundtracked” a bit and might be familiar.

I had no interest in the video. I have no objection to it, and if women or gay men enjoy watching it, that’s fine by me, but I have no interest in watching guys be sexualized, and there wasn’t really anything else in the video to hold my interest. I can buy that straight women and gay men probably don’t have any interest in watching sexualized women, either, and that’s fine also. Put both sexy women and men in the same piece of entertainment, and both sides will be entertained. Or add some non-sexual entertainment. Or choose one or the other, and accept that your target audience will only be half as large.

The video was terrible and the men in it looked creepy, and I was wondering if that was just because I’m a straight man and thus missing some sort of important statement about the genders and sexuality and all that jazz. Then I saw the Palmer video and thought the women in that were also creepy. My mind is at peace.

Exactly - the equivalent of hyper-feminizing women is hyper-masculinizing men. And you see that all the time: just look at the poster for any superhero or Bond movie.

Straight women and straight men find different things sexy. I’d think that would go without saying.

I’d never heard of her before. Some of her songs are OK but I couldn’t make it all the way through that video. The song wasn’t good enough to offset the lame visual content.

Women are held to unrealistic standards of desirability, men to unrealistic standards of dependability. The lines do get crossed: ask short and/or bald guys, and working moms.

Actually, what I meant was more like how men are into boobs, while women are into shoulders. But that too.