My 1000th kickass royal blast all nekkid all sex all drunk all baby oil post party

Has been canceled until further notice. Thank you.

Ah, fuck that. Here I am, all nekkid and oiled up! Plus, I brought two kegs of Guinness!

Damn. Now what?

…oh god… now theres a nekkid oiled man alone in my thread… what kind of exterminator do you call…

Now just put down the guinness and back out coldfire. No. I said PUT DOWN the guinness first!

Aaahh guinness maybe that will help me sleep.
All this oil’s gonna ruin my sheets though .

Hey , hold on why are there only 3 naked oiled up guys here?

:: Keeping eyes locked at head height ::

:::neatly folding the road map that she read correctly, then putting it back in the glove box where it belongs:::

Hello? Is this Whammo’s nekkid oily party?

Ummm…why are there only three nekkid oily men here?

:::slowly backs out the door:::

coughs uneasily

So, yojimbo…, Whammo… fancy a pint eh?

That’s it hold it at a angle , take it easy and let it settle , then put the rest in .

The perfect pint :smiley:

_/ _/ _/ Here ya go lads. Be carful, this oil makes it hard to hold the glass.

ahhh… yojimbo… you are talking about beer right?? Cause I don’t know nothing about no gay stuff…

Ahhh Persephone!! Welcome… now that I’m naked and oiled I DO remember ONE thing women are good for. Would you like complimentary knee pads?

I am soooo sorry… thats just wrong of me. I-did-not-mean-that. I’m sure of it. :wink:

::takes this opportunity to snap a few photos of the three, just in case Whammo, Coldfire or Yojimbo ever get rich and famous::

Can anyone say blackmail? <veg>

Now there’s a “kodak moment” that Shayna doesn’t need.

Why yes, Whammo, I’d love some kneepads!

:::takes kneepads from Whammo, and SMACKS him across the face:::

Thank you! If I’d hit you barehanded, I surely would have broken a nail!

Now toss me a beer, would you? Much appreciated!

Let’s see, three naked, oily men drinking beer, Persephone with some kneepads, Kiva taking pictures—hmmm…where do I start? I finally get to one of these thing early and it has the makings of a good one! Can the girls get naked and oily too?

Whoohoo! One more gal and it’s a 1:1 ratio…

slides in

You rang? Now then…I’m naked, oily, and want a beer, dammit. Let’s party!!!

Can I have the oil back? The baby is still a quart low.

hey, Whammo, congrats, dude! :cool: Oil, eh? Who wants a backrub?

I felt bad that everyone seemed to desert this thread just when it was getting good!

yes, i noticed that also. Hey folks, come back!! free backrubs!!!