My 6 year old daughter is not doing well.

Two days ago I posted how my family is having another baby. That is joyous news. Sadly, my 6 year old daughter Naomi may be losing her 3 1/2 year battle with cancer. There is nothing more medically that can be done. We now have enlisted the service of hospice.
Naomi has been in a great deal of pain lately. Our primary goal now is no manage that and make her comfotable.
A few months ago I posted how Naomi was not doing well. Your replies were kind and uplifting. I’m not posting now for advice or seeking help. I just wanted to let you know.
Thank you for all prayers and support.

I’m sorry, Roadwalker.


I’m sorry Roadwalker, my prayers are with you Naomi and your family.

I’m sorry Roadwalker.:frowning:

Roadwalker I’m sorry, my prayers are with you, Naomi and your family.

I’m sorry to hear this, Roadwalker. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. :frowning:


My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you.

{{{Roadwalker & Family}}}

You and yours will certainly be in my prayers tonight.

Our thoughts are with you, Roadwalker.


Sorry to hear of your plight, Roadwalker.

I hope your experience with hospice was as good as mine. The hospice staff at my local hospice home were angels. They were amazing.

May God bless you for considering the needs and comfort of your daughter over the “heroic” attempts to extend her short life. May you find comfort in the fact that you’ve done everything you could to make her life a good one.

Godspeed as you travel through this journey.

Bless you, Roadwalker, and your little girl and your family.

God bless you and your little girl. May peace be with all of you as you go through this terrible time.

Thinking about you, Naomi, and the family.

I’m sorry to hear that, Roadwalker.

It’s sad when things like this happen. Hopefully her pain will be minimal.

My thoughts go out to you and your family.

I’m sorry to hear that hugs Roadwalker and his family

I’ve never met you or your daughter, but I think about her a lot and I was wondering how she is doing. Thank you for the update.

My thoughts and prayers are with Naomi & family.

I’m so very sorry, Roadwalker.

Just sent a prayer your way for peace and no pain for your little sweetie.

Please know that your daughter and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please don’t forget to do some things to help yourself too right now. Too often we try to be Super woman/man when things like this are happening.