My adventure at Cinnabon

Every once in a while, I like to get a coffee and a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon. They’re certainly not great, but still, they’re certainly edible, especially if the bun are more fresh than not.

Cinnabon just gives you a Styrofoam cup; coffee, lids, additives, etc. are all around the side. So the clerk grabs the cup off the stack and puts it open end down on the counter.

At this point, I complain. “I drink out of that cup without a lid, and you’re putting the part I drink out of on a counter where people put their hands, their money, and spill shit. You’re putting that cup lip on a counter where bugs can run around and contaminate it.”

I got a weird look, and an argument about how wonderful the Cinnabon counters are, and how bug free they are. I eventually won the argument, and he got me another cup. As soon as he pulled the fresh cup of the stack:

A moth flew out of it.

That was no ordinary moth! It was the Cinnamon Fairy!

More proof of some old adage.

Oh I know that one! Isn’t it–“A moth in a cup is worth a free Cinnabon”? I can’t tell you how many times I think of that old adage!

Frankly though, shudder. All I can think of is not noticing the moth in there, pouring hot coffee on it, and swigging it down. I think I just grossed myself out.

Wow, I thought you were kind of overreacting until the moth.

Looks like the moth was the one having an adventure…

You set the moth free!!!

Now you can feel good all day.

and please note that the clerk was correct…the counter was totally bug free.


When you consider that the law only requires a certain ratio of bug parts in the wheat that made your flour, escaping moth footprints probably isn’t a real concern.

See, if it was me, and even if I had been squicked at the cup on the counter (I wouldn’t be, really), I couldn’t have resisted taking the comedic opportunity to do a deadpan gesture that I’d just settle for the first cup.

The moth is a comedian.

Did he argue against giving you a third cup?

That is an EX caterpillar. It is pining for the jamba juice.

When I was a health aide and I had to cleaned under my clients fingernails and I wore rubber gloves while doing this. You would not believe the shit the I dug out of their nails ! I mean feces was packed under their nails . I don’t think the OP was overreacting at all. I hate to shake hands with people , when I do I wash my hands as soon as I can.

I had a killer business trip. Then flew from California to Atlanta which turned into another grueling adventure…by the time I got to Atlanta I was wiped out.

At some ungodly hour I got a Chik Fil A with a large drink (no lid yet).

As the clerk handed me a bunch of change it feel right into the already filled cup.

I just took it as is because I was too tired to give a shit.

Better call Saul


And…then, what happened?

Cinnamon buns are always too large, they make me mildly nauseous half way through anyway.
Hmmm…maybe it’s the filthy Styrofoam…

What kind of moth?

A cinnamoth?

“If you set the Cinnamoth free, your next roll and coffee will be complimentary to thee!”

All hail the mighty Cinnamoth
Whoth beating wings doth
Make the cappucinoth froth.
To plight the troth
of dark garbed Goths.