My armpits have been Banned! Why?

I know that I’ve been working out and they have not been as mentholatedly fresh as they should be, but was that a reason to Ban them? Or sure you conservatives would have perferred that they be Right-Guarded, but they could just have easily been Sured or even Suaved on the cheap.
Maybe I should have taken this to e-mail.

I’m through putting up with your racist bigoted pits!

If I’d a had my druthers they’d have banned your big old horny calloused stinking feet for sexual harassment!

Corns indeed.


Because they kept the women out and only let the Mennon.

You didn’t use Rexona. There’s always room for one who uses Rexona.

I won’t tell anyone, it’ll be our little Secret™.

You know, Biggirl, with Mitchum, you can skip a day.

“I put a bay leaf under each arm. It doesn’t keep you any drier, but you smell like soup!”
-George Carlin

Who else has been Banned? Raise your hand if your Sure!

[Avacado wearing sunglasses]

Oooh. This thread is the pits!


Did Gillette them air out before they were Banned?

I can say with a Degree™ of certainty that these puns are really bad.

I’m really assumed of you Mennen women.

Shirley Ujest?

I’m Responsible!!


*steps backwards into the Irish Mist…

This is no laughing matter! Now the facist Banners are saying that my pits are socks! Well, I know which end the socks go on and it aint nowhere near my pits!
P.S. If you move this thread-- you jackbooted facist, pinko commie Banners-- I’ll get a lawyer and sue you for violating my rights to free funk!

I find this thread rather disarming, to say the least. It doesn’t make scents at all. It’ll sprayed ignorance with a-ban-don.

Huh? Smells like Teen Spirit to me.

What this thread need is some theme music.

>insert Police, Don’t stand so close here<

Is anyone else getting all Soft & Dri?

I was going to ask you people to quit posting awful puns, but I know ya’ll would just ignore me and roll on.

In some other places, this thread would soon get the Axe.