My boyfriend doesn't dig me

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We had sex lots like you do when we first got together. But lately we don’t. At all. The last time was January. He would be happy if we never did it again it seems. I’ve asked him and it ends with me in tears. I find him attractive. He tells me the same. I am sad

He’s cheating on you?

I seriously doubt it.

He claims that he isn’t interested. But I am. VERY!

I do pretty much every thing I can to be cute and sexy. But he is not interested. Otherwise he is absolutely wonderful

Ask him to see his doctor. If he refuses, you have a choice, can you live without sex?

I know guys like that, some guys having too much sex is like eating too much ice cream, they loose their taste for a while. Really no way for us to tell what is happening. He may not dig you, he may be gay, he may be cheating, he may have some kind of sexual anxiety for some reason.

That’s a good idea Inna. I guess that’s the next step.

is he depressed?

I might actually go crazy if I can’t get laid soon. He is always willing if I ask nicely. I don’t want nicely. I want sex all of the time! And naughty…

He doesn’t seem depressed.

He will always fuck me if I ask. I haven’t asked since January. We went on a caribbean cruise in January. We didn’t fuck then. But we did we got home.

The Prestige is on. That excites him.

D t m f a

Don’t touch my fat arse?


I don’t think the SDMB is going to be able to make your bf sleep with you. Asking him what the issue is and working on it together might be the better approach.

Just ask him nicely. Problem solved.

Something seems a little off about this thread. Like maybe the OP had one too many glasses of wine. (Not that I don’t sympathize with the OP’s situation.)

Thinking back, I had a wife one time for a short while that I did not like making love to. No matter how hard I was pumping her she kept sayiong harder! harder!. That just bugged the shit out of me.

From the column Savage Love: DTMFA = Dump the MF Already…