My cat has a dangerous habbit........

He likes to sleep in the washing machine and the dryer. He can’t get out of the washing machine by himself, nor does he want to unless the lid is closed, (I closed it twice yesterday without looking first). He’ll stay in the dryer even with wet clothes piled on top of him.
He’s also tried to jump into the hot oven several times, and got in the dishwasher once but couldn’t find a comfy place to lay down.

“Watch out fo’ da 'pin cycle, putty tat”

Just out of curiosity, does your cat die it’s fur black and read really bad poetry? I know many people laugh at these so called “pet psychiatrists,” but I think your kitty could stand with a visit.

Or maybe just a hug.

I like to think that my cat is just helping me out with my spiritual development when he climbs into the dryer. If I can resist that temptation, I should be able to resist just about any other blandishments of evil that come my way.

Try putting fresh orange peel in those places. Cats often don’t like the smell.

My former cat would probably have eaten the orange peel. I’d just be very careful not to leave the dryer open, and ALWAYS inspect for kitty before turning it on.

We had an outdoor cat that liked sleeping in the warm engine compartment of the family car.

Didn’t have him long.

hillbilly queen - Since your cat seems to want a place to hide, you might buy one of those inexpensive carpet-covered cat condos or climbing things with a hiding places. You should be able to find them at PetSmart or maybe even BigLots.


Met a guy who mentioned his cat named Muffler. When I commented on the great name he told me a similar story. He was on his way to work and thought he heard meowing. When he turned to his friend to ask if he heard the meowing his friend said he didn’t hear a thing. The commute normally took about 45 minutes, and though he didn’t hear the meowing constantly, it sounded so urgent he decided to pull over and check under the hood. Nothing. When he finally got to work, the meowing had started again and even his friend heard it. He finally found the cat wedged near the muffler. Its paws were badly burned so he grabbed the kitty and made a rush to the veterinarian. Happy ending, Muffler healed and found a home.

To add to StGermain’s great advice, your cat might just be looking for a warm place to snooze. If you do a search under heated pet beds you can find something reasonably priced. I recommend something with a removable cover for washing.

We made a Manx once. Kitty had a tail. Kitty crawled under the car to nap. The car started, and kitty had no tail anymore. He got over the shock and the injury itself easily enough, but it was funny in a cruel way watching him adjust to life without that extra bit of balance.

I bought the cat Condo, The heated bed, the expensive toys and the itty water fountain dish.

He hides in a paper bag, sleeps in a cardboard box, plays with the ring from a milk bottle and drinks from the toilet.

My most recent kitten was recovered from the engine compartment of a Cadillac, luckily for her before the car was started. I’ve got one of those carpet covered condos and both my cats seem to like it. Of course they also like crawling in cardboard boxes which are a lot cheaper, had I thought of that first. :slight_smile:

Try spraying that bitter apple stuff where you don’t want her to go, but you might want to rinse the washer and dryer out before you do any clothes in them!

Watch buying those kitty condos. We got one, and my mom took it back because the inside was all unfinished-with staples everywhere. Not good.

Just get some cardboard boxes and blankets, and build Kitty one. My cats love boxes.

I read the title as ‘My cat has a dangerous hobbit’. Must stop soaking in the Tolkien.

Thank God I wasn’t the only one who misread that. I was sitting here picturing what my life would have been like had my former cat hired a small but doughty enforcer.

I’ve nearly broken Eponine of this nasty little habit. When I catch her climbing in the dryer, I shut the door and turn her on for about a quarter spin. Enough to startle her and send her shooting out of the dryer the second the door’s open, but not nearly enough to take a chance on hurting her. She also hasn’t climbed in the washer since the day I got fed up and started it filling with water with her in there. As soon as the water hit her, the charm disappeared and out she came like a furry little comet.

Still, with your cat wanting to climb in the oven and such, it really does sound like he wants a warm, secluded place to nap. I’d try a nice little box or cat condo lined with a heat-reflecting thermal cat blanket. I’d also carry around a water gun to zap him when you catch him climbing into dangerous places like the washer and dryer, oven, and such.

You leave the doors open?

Not generally, she climbs in while I’m loading or unloading laundry, generally when I’m taking the warm, dry stuff out. Sometimes, though, we get dressed out of the dryer, and leave the door standing open.

Besides, I knew a lady who opened the dryer, decided the clothes weren’t completely dry, turned it back on, and left the room. Common enough, except that her kitten had crawled in the dryer while she was checking the clothes. Broke the poor little thing’s neck.

That is why I encourage our girls to lump the washer and dryer in with the vaccuum, in the category of Evil Machines That Eat Kitties And Must Be Avoided At All Costs.

My cat also has the habit of investigating enclosed spaces she really shouldn’t…

…like underneath a wood-burning stove, when there was a nice cheery fire lit in it. :eek:

Or, she would sit on the lip of the stove, and her tail would flick back and forth… right into the fire, and not notice. (Most of the time, it seems she doesn’t remember she has a tail.)

Singed cat hair. Ick. Good thing we moved to place that doesn’t have a wood-burner like that.

<< Meow. >>