my cat hates my guy

Yeah if a cat doesn’t like the guy he is pure evil :rolleyes: sure uh huh. Come on people in all likelihood it’s because of the smell of the other cat on his clothes. Hell one of my ex’s had a cat who didn’t like me guess what? That bitch of an ex is the one who was the asshole cheater. Explain that one to me.

Give it time the cat will eventually get along with the guy. I mean hell if he’s a cat guy you’ve already picked a winner :wink:

Something else to consider - does he wear cologne or anything scented (anti-persperant, after-shave…)? Some cats are upset by particular scents used in cologne. I read about a woman who tried a new perfume and her cat would hiss and pounce on her.

As I remember, this has to do with real animal scent (musk) and synthetic animal scent being used in cologne and perfume. Try spraying a little of his cologne on a kleenex, and see if the cat reacts to it.

Off hand I’d have to compliment your cat on its good judgement. You think your boyfriend would be more interested in your… emr, nevermind.

Cats are bad. Bad cats! BAAAAD cats!

I’m a cat person. All those making derogatory comments about my favourite animal – shame on you! :slight_smile:

Just a question, Kellibelli – has your cat reacted like this with any other significant male friends you’ve had at home?

Could your cat be bored, with the main attraction in life being you? If so, then your cat sees your man friend as a threat to the cat’s world. Just a thought (from a very good British TV programme called Barking Mad.)

Thank you all for your input, but I cant part with my cat, and I dont really think my guy is evil either.

I have had Murphy for exactly one year. I got him at 4 months, and at that time was having a very casual relationship with “B”. They got along ok.

I stopped seeing “B” in the spring or last year, not long after I got Murphy. “J” came over a couple of times last summer, and Murphy was ok with him, and he has two cats! But I am only friends with “J”.

I got laid off in December, so now I am home full time with Murphy. I have female friends that come over, and one has two cats. My dad has a dog, Angkins has two dogs… Murphy loves them all.

Daniel doesnt wear cologne, or aftershave. He smells faintly like laundry soap and shaving cream ~ very clean!

He hasnt made any sudden moves around Murphy, just kinds sita there and waits for him to come around - but Murphy wont even come into the room!

I have to conclude that Murph senses that this guy is somehow ‘different’ than other visitors. I have told him I will make him into slippers if he cant play nicely - but he just blinked at me.


Then it doesn’t sound like the scent of his cat that’s throwing things off, I’m putting my money on your cat knowing something about him that you’re not seeing.