My cat needs to be on a calendar. NEEDS. Cute cat pic linked.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to show off my adorable cat Tiny. She’s in a contest right now on Facebook to win a spot on her rescue agency’s calendar (she needs to make it into the top twelve most liked pics in the album to win.) You can help her become a star by logging into FB, clicking this link: and liking the picture. She is the cutie little black cat with the white fur bow tie named Tiny–some cats have full out tuxedos, Tiny just rocks a bow tie.

Her story’s also in the pic, but I figured I’d write a little more about her…

Tiny was found alone and scared with ear mites under a raspberry bush in greater Minnesota. She was placed with Ruff Start Rescue where their Foster and Placement Coordinator personally nursed her back to health. I saw her at in one of the cages at a PetSmart, and even though I already had two cats, I couldn’t help but fall in love. She was the smallest cat I’d ever seen and was caged all by herself (she had no siblings and like I said, was found all alone.) I couldn’t stop thinking about her when I left that day, and called the adoption agency that evening. Now I’ve had her about two years, and she has doubled in size, but is still smaller than most cats. While little in size, she is a big dog at heart-- her favorite game is to bring me her toy, make me throw it, and fetch it back for more :slight_smile: She also loves to chase my other cats around and beg for treats. I love her like crazy and would love to see her on the calendar :slight_smile:

Anyway, just wanted to share. Help Tiny beat out these costumed dogs! (how am I supposed to compete with a Pomeranian wearing a mumu?) :frowning:

Thanks so much everyone! It means a lot to me.

What a beautiful kitteh, and you managed to take a great pic of a black cat. That’s hard to do.

If I was on facebook, I’d totally vote for her! Instead, I’ll just root silently for her. Cats rule, dogs drool!!!

I liked her. Boy, is she cute!

Awww thanks! You guys are the best. Reading your posts really makes me feel great :slight_smile:

Beautiful eyes. I have a soft spot for black cats.

Black cats are my fave too :slight_smile: but I do love all kinds! It’s funny though, before I adopted Tiny I never knew that black cats are actually the least likely to be adopted.

Big Black Dog syndrome, too. :frowning:
Last week I got a local rescue to take two feral-born kittens. But they will not adopt out black cats during October, which I think is crazy but not unheard of, according to the above link.

wow! Had no idea about not adopting them out during October. I guess that’s a good safety precaution though… (it’s too bad there are so many weirdos in this world.)

She’s perfect.

She is, isn’t she? :smiley:

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Perfect kitten, and great photo. I don’t do Facebook, but I’d vote for her if I did.

Your wonderful words are still appreciated!

The DrumBum house is ruled by five cat overlords ( three tuxedo’s and two orange tabby’s ) so if I used FaceBook I would definitely cast a vote for Miss Tiny. Miss DrumBum is at university in the US and I will forward your link to her.

Sorry, Teaira, asking people to go vote for you cat runs afoul of our spam rules. From the registration agreement:

I have removed the link from your OP.

twickster, whose two cats, Zebulon and Jezebel, are giving her the stinkeye right now