My Chrome browser has gone nuts

I can’t change the URL on any tab. I can start a new blank tab and send it to the URL I want, but I can’t click from the tab I am on to move to another open tab. I can use the bookmarks but only to open in a new tab (or a new window). Correction: Ctrl-Tab does work to move from one open tab to another, but clicking on the tab does not.

I had to re-boot my computer and it seemed to sign me out of everything, such as SDMB. Is there something I have to sign back into for Chrome? Does a browser need me to log in to correctly use the browser? Or is it something else. I need help.

Go into “More tools” on the three dots at the upper right, and then select “extensions.” See if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be (notably, anything not from Google or which you didn’t install yourself). Delete those (you can always add them back if you make a mistake).

See if that helps.

Nope, nothing there I don’t know about. Thanks for the suggestion.

I wonder if I should re-install Chrome. I was looking for updates earlier, but I didn’t find anything except an Install button, which I didn’t click.

I found Reset to Default button in Settings, and that seems to have put it back to normal.

Reboot your computer. Fixes almost everything. Or go to task manager and end all running Chrome tasks, there will be a bunch of them.