My daughters boyfriend needs to turn in his man-card

As those of you with teenage daughters know…the new, next movie of Twilight comes out today.

Now, last time I almost had to take her…but another parent volunteered at the last moment.

This time she has a boyfriend…so he needs to do his boyfriendly duty and take her.

The movie started at 12:01 (so technically Friday release)…last night daughter was laying on the floor sleeping…boyfriend was playing Playstation waiting for the time to head out to the movie.

I stop by him and give my condolences.

He looks up confused and says…but there will be great fights! and this! and that! And this and that! and that and this!

Whoa…this guy is LOOKING FORWARD to seeing the movie!

Turn in your man card dude!

Not a drop of testosterone in that boy, is there?

So what kind of Playstation game was he engaged in? Did it involve picking daisies or dressing up dollies?

Maybe he knows being virtually the only guy there has its advantages and he’ll be getting digits in the snack bar line.

I hate to tell you this… he was trying to convince YOU that he’s actually into the movie, so you don’t realize his true motivation for taking her - he’s totally expecting post-chick flick nookie from your daughter. Sorry.

The other day, my wife mentioned to me a story about people camping out for a day or two to see this movie – rightly, I called them “utter losers”. She pointed out to me that I camped out for the re-release of Star Wars.

Yes…my wife actually compared fricking New Moon to Star Wars. We’ve weathered a lot together in 10+ years of marriage, but I’m not sure if our relationship can survive this affront.

Oh, come on. Y’all survived the sheep incident, aye? You can make it past this. :smiley:

Another possible explanation:

Twilight and New Moon employ the “two trailers” theory of movie marketing. One trailer with all the gushy romantic stuff and one trailer with the kickass fight scenes. More than likely, he just got snowed by the Hollywood marketing machine.

Plus, he likely didn’t mention another reason he’s looking foward to it, the movie is filled with hot girls.

Exactly. What, you think girls are watching it for the acting? That’s like saying they went to see the Backstreet Boys (back in the day) solely for the music. They’re horny.

And here’s hoping your daughter never plays Call of Duty or gets dragged to an action movie with a male lead. She might lose her vagina, right?

You’re right. Star Wars isn’t any cornier than New Moon.

Fighting, wolves, piano busting, and most importantly a classic pickup - probably all the guy stuff from New Moon, plus some constipated looking people being mushy in this trailer

I saw a news blurb on th telly last night about “Twilight Moms” or some similar group. They showed middle-aged women having group readings and anticipating the movie.

It amused my daughter and me, because the news reporter seems to think these women invented fandom. We’ve been obsessing about such stuff for fifty years or more, and a group of bored housewives makes the news? Feh.

Last night, our local news had a live cross to people waiting in line for this movie.

I’m not sure what was more depressing: the idea that someone would be willing to wait for hours to see that piece of dreck, or that it was actually considered news.

The big things are tackleable…it’s the little things that drive a marriage apart.

You two will be fine.

See…now that’s what I thought…but the hand gestures, the voice and the gleam in his eye when he thought about the movie…he is not that good an actor.

No…man-card…ripped up…NOW!

I don’t want to get into this catfight.

You need to get this kid some Predator.

One thing Cafe Society has taught me is that there are really are a lot of people who think a trailer accurately reflects the tone and content of a film. So, yeah, he could have the idea that it’s going to be about a bunch of monsters fighting each other.

Yeah, but it’s a double standard, chicks dig bad boys and tough guys etc. and although they SAY they want the soft, kind, sensitive men, they don’t. But if a chick pulls up a chair for CoD or rents Drag Me To Hell, she becomes a commodity among the fellas. Just how it (seems to) work.

Isn’t that the type of guy you want dating your daughter? The less testosterone the better. :wink:

It’s a rite of passage - every generation has those movies they “have to” see the first screening, on the first day.

Sure, there are lots of “guy” movies in that category (Indian Jones first film, LOTR, Mission Impossible, etc.) but even a film like Titanic - the ultimate chick flick romance - had lots of guys wanting to see it as well.
My guess is the huge PR campaign/hype and the idea of swooping down and biting hot ladies might even tempt some straight guys to go see it.