My digestive system is crapping out!!!

I’m only 27 too! Everything was cool for about four months. I would eat my lunch and about 15-60 minutes later be ready to take a dump. But one day I held it because I was too busy setting up a fucking lab. And now I’ve gone and ruined it all!! I HAVE NO URGE TO TAKE A SHIT. I’ve had to resort to going to the laxative dept. at the local Long’s Drugs and pick up some Fleet liquid glycerine suppositories. Did I mention I’m only 27?

I’ve thought that maybe something could be wrong, but I want to add more fiber and/or prune juice to my diet before I visit the doctor. I already eat rice for just about every meal (I’m half Asian). I can’t imaging eating anymore! And I don’t think it’s the starch in rice (remember the old joke: "Why do Chinese people have slanted eyes?) because that’s what I was eating for lunch when I was really regular (rice with stir fried veggies). My rant is turning into more questions and analysis…maybe this thread should be moved. If I had a tape worm would I be able to see them in my feces? My cat has worms. Maybe one got into my mouth somehow. Is it bad to use suppositories for an extended period?

Are there any old/er Dopers out there who can help me out? When your digestive systems crashed is this how it happened…regular to abruptly not regular ?

Try to relax. You will only add to your “performance anxiety” if you worry about it.
Eat more veggies, take some metamucil and quit stuffing things up your ass. :wink:
Hmmm, maybe this thread should be entitled “My digestive system isn’t crapping out!!!”

Nearly everyone in the USA needs more fiber. Actually, rice “plugs you up”= it is often used as a treatment for loose bowels. Eat a high fiber cereal every morning (kellogs frosted min-wheats are the tastiest), and even as a mid-nite snack. You may need some more freindly intestinal bacterial- eat some live culture yogurt. Try some “bulkforming” laxatives- likw metamucil(the store brand is the same stuff, but cheaper). If you want to be extra nice to your tummy, at the health-food store they sell something like “daily fiber caps” or 'colon care" or whtatever- which will have a mix of a half-dozen fiber types,and even some freindly bacterial action added in.

But do NOT, repeat do not take any other forms of laxatives- stool softeners or chemical types (includes all natural version)- if it says on the label: “do not use for extended periods or you may become dependent”- don’t use it.

Those little glycerine suppositories are safe, also.

Other than adding more fiber, tho, which we all very likely need, there is nothing to worry about if you are not “regular”. “Regularity” as a desired condition is a myth. A change could come about thru stress, or many other things.
Relax, add some fiber, maybe some “flora”, and “everything will come out alllight in the end”. :smiley:

White rice doesn’t really have any fiber.

You can also have “Uncle Sam” breakfast cereal - it has tons of fiber, and no sugar. You can add the sweetener of your choice and you’ll be regular in no time.

Another cereal to consider is “Zoom.” One of my friends tried it and swears the name is an accurate description of how fast you’ll run to the bathroom. This, despite it’s rather mediocre placing in this list of fiber foods.

Crunchy Corn Bran produces so much “output” with me that I worry that my rectum will take some damage.

And it only has 5 grams per serving, compared to 13 on the top of brachy’s list! 13 would kill me.

When I read your post, it sounded very familiar. When I was about 16, I had the same problem. I would eat, and about 15-20 minutes later, I had to go to the bathroom. I thought I was constipated or needed more fiber. So, I started eating fiberous cereals, etc. This was in the fall of 86. In the Spring of 87, I started seeing blood in the toilet (please bear with me here), and my mother finally acknowledged that I had a problem. After a few invasive tests, I found out I have Ulcerative Colitis.

I’m not saying it’s what you have, but it’s probably a good idea to see a doctor. If you want, you can email me with any questions or concerns. Good luck.

Just started flod2k on what are optimistically referred to as “solid” foods a couple months ago. The unfortunate thing is that most of the popular “starter” foods, such as rice cereal, bananas, and carrots, are also constipating. And then later on, at almost every stage, kids’ favorite foods have a nasty tendency to be constipating. This is definitely not just an old people’s problem!

You’ve gotten some good advice about foods with fiber, and yes, if this doesn’t pass (sorry) quickly, it wouldn’t hurt to have a chat with the doctor. But while you’re trying out the dietary changes, remember to drink extra fluids, especially water. Exercise doesn’t hurt either - a simple walk once a day can help get more than just your legs movin’. Be careful with white grains (white rice, refined flour…) and with all dairy products other than yogurt. Oh, and one pitfall to beware of: raw apples are great, but cooked apples, such as applesauce, are used in lots of homemade remedies for diarrhea. A friend of mine was concerned about how hard her kids’ stools were, so she was feeding them all the fruit they’d eat. Unfortunately the only fruits they liked were bananas and applesauce. Things got quite nasty before the doctor set her straight…

I’ve had rectal surgery (not from sticking things up my ass, thank you) for a benign lesion a few years ago. My biggest fear was having a hard BM or any straining at all for that matter. What follows is a gentle but sure fire cure for sluggish bowels.

Make oatmeal- not instant, add one or two diced apples, peels and all, add a little butter to the bowl. Enjoy. I like brown sugar in mine.

Drink extra water, very, very important. Drink more water.

I am an RN so I know what I’m talking about. Try not to resort to harsh laxatives. If you still are not regular,go to the drug store and buy the generic form of Senokot-S,
there are two kinds, with S and plain. The S stands for softener, it is better. The name brand is expensive but the generic is usually about $5 for 60 or so.

I’ll repeat it cause it is important. Adequate fluid intake is crucial for regularity. Glad to be of service.

I hate to disagree with an RN, but altho senokot is pretty safe, a “bulk forming” “laxative” (actually they are fiber supplements), with LOTS of water (she is right on this point) is still safer yet. It is possible to become “addicted” to even 'senokot" type laxatives.