My Dogs Pick an NCAA Bracket

Tilly and Toby, the wondermutts, have decided they wanted to join in on the March Madness fun. So I decided to set up a bracket for them. With little else but a bracket and a bucket of treats, I’ve slowly been filling out a bracket with them.

Not wanting to make things absolutely impossible, I gave them the single handicap of giving the #1 seeds a first round automatic win - everything else is up to them to decide. So far, we’re through 3 of the 4 regions, which I’ll break down.

Round of 64

1/16: Ohio St. (automatic)
8/9: George Mason over Villanova
5/12: UAB/Clemson over West Virginia
4/13: Kentucky over Princeton
6/11: Xavier over Marquette
3/14: Indiana State over Syracuse
7/10: Washington over Georgia (they were unhappy about picking the Bulldogs to lose, but were relieved to hear that they picked the Huskies to win)
2/15: Long Island over North Carolina

Round of 32
1/8: Ohio St. over George Mason
4/12: Kentucky over UAB/Clemson
6/14: Xavier over Indiana State
7/15: Long Island over Washington

Sweet Sixteen
1/4: Ohio St. over Kentucky
6/15: Long Island over Xavier

Elite Eight
1/15: Ohio St. over Long Island

Round of 64

1/16: Duke over Hampton (automatic win)
8/9: Michigan over Tennessee
5/12: Arizona over Memphis
4/13: Oakland over Texas
6/11: Cincinnati over Missouri
3/14: Bucknell over UConn
7/10: Temple over Penn State
2/15: SDSU over Northern Colorado

Round of 32
1/8: Duke over Michigan
5/13: Oakland over Arizona
6/14: Bucknell over Cincinnati
2/7: Temple over SDSU

Sweet Sixteen
1/13: Oakland over Duke
7/14: Bucknell over Temple

Elite Eight
13/14: Bucknell over Oakland!

Round of 64

1/16: KU over Boston U.
8/9: UNLV over Illinois
5/12: Richmond over Vanderbilt
4/13: Louisville over Morehead St.
6/11: USC/VCU over Georgetown
3/14: Purdue over St. Peter’s
7/10: Florida St. over Texas A&M
2/15: Akron over Notre Dame (Toby just about got disowned on that one)

Round of 32
1/8: UNLV over KU
4/12: Richmond over Louisville
3/11: Purdue over USC/VCU
10/15: Akron over Florida St.

Sweet Sixteen
8/12: UNLV over Richmond
3/15: Akron over Purdue

Elite Eight
8/15: Akron over UNLV

The Southeast will have to wait until tomorrow - I don’t want to load them up too much on treats. (Last night’s gas was pretty potent.)

Eh, I’ve made worse-looking brackets. WTG Tilly and Toby!

Hopefully we’ll see you on Letterman with your amazingly famous dogs!


So how do they make their choices? and what happens if Tilly and Toby disagree? Alpha-dog has 51% of the vote?

edit: Toby looks like he might be a good handicappers if you were racing beetles!

Your Toby reminds me of my Rusty:
who sometimes winks: but never picks basketball brackets!

What have they got against cats? As a Villanova alum, I must protest this one.

I alternate between dogs, giving one of them the option of two treats. Left hand is Team A, right hand is Team B. I of course tell them which specific team they’re picking though.

There were a few instances where Tilly felt extremely strongly about a pick Toby was supposed to make, and made the decision for him.

So Tilly is Alpha Dog?

If you want to enter Tilly and Toby in the Yahoo $1M perfect pick prize, I can give you a league number and password…

Oh yeah. Toby has probably 15 lbs on her, but he’s a big softy who doesn’t know how to wrestle. He leads with his butt. Tilly’s a friggin’ tactical jetfighter fueled by tiger blood.

Already there. I started up a bracket tourney with my friends, and put that in there to shame them.

Tilly and Toby need to get the last bracket in soonest… Hopefully, Munch can find some low-gas treats for them. :smiley:

Round of 64

1/16: Pitt over UNCA
8/9: Butler over Old Dominion (go Bulldogs!)
5/12: K-State over Utah St.
4/13: Bellmont over Wisconsin (Toby really tends to vote for chalk, but this one gave him some serious paws…)
6/11: St. John’s over Gonzaga
3/14: BYU over Wofford (two anti-canine picks in a row…)
7/10: Michigan St. over UCLA
2/15: UCSB over Florida (go Gauchos!)

Round of 32
1/8: Butler over Pitt
5/13: K-State over Bellmont
3/6: BYU over St. John’s
10/15: Michigan St. over UCSB

Sweet Sixteen
5/8: K-State over Butler
3/10: BYU over Michigan St.

Elite Eight
8/15: BYU over K-State

Bucknell over Ohio St.
BYU over Akron

BYU over Bucknell

I guess they were more focused on the horn-dog aspect of BYU than the Cougar mascot…

Any ideas on how to come up with a tiebreaker score? Or can I safely assume I’m the only one with a final four of Bucknell, Ohio St. BYU and Akron?

… er… :o

No, you can probably safely assume that. :wink:

Man, I was really hoping they would choose the Buckeyes. I like the Buckeyes. FWIW, I picked The Richmond Spiders to go to the Sweet 16 as well in one of my brackets (Hometown favorites), so we could be laughing (and barking) over some tasty buckeyes.

ooops wrong thread. nevermind

How did the first round treat the wondermutts?

Well, BYU and Ohio State are still alive - so that’s good. Of the Sweet 16, they have 6 of them. Not great. In my pool, they’re 2nd to last in points. But in potential points, there are 15 teams below them (out of 34) - there’s a bunch of Notre Dame and Purdue fans in the group.

They did a great job in the Southeast region. Go Butler!

Unfortunately, so did a bunch of other people in my pool. Living in Indy doesn’t make a Butler pick very sexy…