My Etsy of wonder and beauty

I make mostly earrings but, just to be perverse, today I offered my first non-earring in forever.

Pinkslinkie’s Etsy.

Also, Come tell me my blog sucks.

Tis indeed lovely, and will make a wonderful gift for my aunt. Thank you for making it.

Hey, thanks!

I love your work, BigGirl, and your descriptions of your items. :slight_smile: Please make other thingamabobs because I can’t wear pierced earrings.

I love the Persephone’s Problem earrings! Seriously love them! Good job there.

Will do.

OOH I like a few of your earrings…may have to order some :slight_smile:

Just ordered the Lyra. Very pretty!

Thanks a lot!

You make the prettiest jewelry! I ordered Fireworks and Red Slinky.


Your jewelry is really beautiful, Biggirl. :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your future work too. I “favorited” you so I won’t forget.

Thank you for the positive feedback! It helps me greatly. Also, I put two not earrings up just cuz MoodIndigo1 asked so nicely.

WOW! I love it. Thanks a million, Biggirl. I’m going to pay it through Paypal once I check something. I send you an email re shipping to Canada.

Me too! My ears don’t react well to most metals, though, so I can’t take them off your hands. I’ll share your site with friends, and keep you in mind when Christmas-gift season approaches!

I love the dragonfly. Beautiful.

Yeah, I love that one too, and What’s on tv, and Persephone’s Persimmons.

Ooh! My earrings arrived today! I love them! They are so pretty.

I LOVE these how do we sign up? Paypal? And do you take requests?


You can pay via paypal. What’s your request? You can ask here or email me or use the Etsy conversation button. I’ll do my best to accomodate.