My father is mad at me because of the fact that I listen to a song praising A. Hitler


My father nowadays strongly criticize me in a threatening way because I read webpages that are not accepted by the majority of society and share & listen songs that most people will not like. Like:

I shared it because most people may get angry at me sharing it. I like the fact that most people are driven to angry. I shared and listened it NOT because I accept what has done by A. Hitler or like the destruction that he has wrought, but because the songs has a good melody.

He says I give him the impression of that I am fan of Hitler:smack::smack::smack:
And he continues “If I get this impression, imagine what other people think about you. People think you are an national-socialist idiot. You cannot do that. You have to care what other people think and become a part of the society”. I have not changed anything he said. That’s exactly what was said by him.

And, the main reason behind the fact that he strongly criticized me was that I would automatically isolate myself from society and other people via reading & joining 4CHAN and Turkish version of 4CHAN.

I do not understand why he is so concerned about me being part of society and doing stuff not possibly being liked by many people.

I can accept he can criticize me. But why does he do this like a mad dog and threatens me?

I am 19-years-old boy and know what to do. He should mind his business.

I guess if we were an Western family, he would not interfere in my affairs like that. In Middle Eastern and Asian cultures social loyalty is of great importance. While self reliance, individuality, and responsibility are taught by American parents to their children, family loyalty is the greatest lesson taught in my country. And if you act in an anarchy-like way in my country, you will get punished by, extremely harshly.
People who have mindset like in my country should surrender it IMO.

By that, I mean he should let me do anything. If I do something wrong, I will face consequences of my action, not he.

What do you think about me sharing and listening such music and viewing 4CHAN-like webpages? Does he has a right to criticize me? What I am doing is right? Should he mind his own business? What would you do if your 19-years old son listened such music and viewed such websites?

No particular opinion on 4chan, but I would deliberately avoid anyone who listened to music praising Hitler as someone I don’t want to associate with, just as I would deliberately avoid anyone who listened to someone like David Allen Coe or the like.

Lots of songs have great melodies. The words are important, too.

And no, I didn’t click on the link and I’m not going to.

One of the duties of every teenager is to listen to music that will infuriate their parents. The parent, in turn, must be infuriated by *whatever *music their teenager is listening to, whether it be Vivaldi or Bix Beiderbecke or Japanese Fucker Family.

You both seem to be doing your jobs well.

What is he threatening you with? Criticism and threats are completely different things.

You like to anger people? Your father is people, and you are surprised and upset that you are angering him?

No shit. Time to grow up.

Does he still support you in anyway financially? Do you live totally on your own? If not, it’s still somewhat his business.

Dude, listening to “controversial” music and looking at “edgy” websites doesn’t make you cool or interesting or cutting edge or open minded. You’re obviously looking for a reaction and that is childish. Otherwise, you’d just keep it to yourself.

Trying to be edgy by listening to music intending to shock is lame lame lame.

Western dad here. (Where is that cowboy smiley?)

  1. You’re doing it to get a reaction. (italics added above).
  2. He’s right about the impression you’ll make.
  3. I would intervene and tell my son he’s being an idiot.
    ETA The link is a youtube video of marching German WW2 soldiers with a croaking, too-low for the singers voice version of a song apparently called Adolf Hitler Unser Fuhrer (AH is our leader?)

That song you linked to sucks. If I were your father, I would be totally pissed my son liked such crappy music.

Your dad is probably concerned that your potential employers will be able to view your shares of weird stuff when they Google you. Even if your Facebook is set to maximum privacy and doesn’t have your real name anywhere on it, you can’t really expect him to know that.

Young man, you are smart enough to find this site and appreciate that people come here who have some wisdom. I don’t claim to be one of those, but I will say that you would benefit from heeding the advice you have been given here.

Rebellion and justifying one’s feeling of being different is part of growing up and finding our adult identity. Fine. Just don’t burn any important bridges as you do it. You will find you need your family and your father in your life far, far longer than you will your apparent fascination with this topic. Try to look past your own anger and imagine what you will be like in 5 or 10 or 20 years, with your own family. Think of what will be important to you then. Act accordingly. And good luck to you.

His voice is pretty threatening because whenever his voice gets to that stage, he cannot control himself and become violent.

Oh yes, I kinda like to anger people who think what they think is absolute true and try to censor things that they don’t like. But I do not annoy people just for my own pleasure. I do not like angering him because he should stay calm for the sake of the peace in our home. You are right one more time, I should not have been surprised that he got angry.

Understand. Since he supports me financially it is still his business.

So do you have any recommendation for me? How can I hold myself back and stop this childish behavior? I accept I am an attention seeker and I know I should change that. :mad:

Do you agree with controversial things? Or are you just intrigued by them? I use to be into learning about serial killers for example.

Please don’t feel you need to change for us; In what is sure to be your short time around here, your attention seeking behavior will hold you in good stead…

Ever urinated in a hotel ice-machine, sassed a stranger in a wheelchair or claimed to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden?

This is a very very good start, to acknowledge that you are a part of the problem, not just a victim of his unjustified anger.

The best advice I can give you is not to act so impulsively. Before you do something, give some additional thought as to why you want to do it. If the answer is, “to get a response from someone else”, think very carefully about whether that’s a good enough reason. Asking someone out on a date to get an answer is a fine reason, listening to Hitler music to piss off Dad is not.

Your father sounds like a good responsible human being.

Sounds like the typical awkward teenage response to “the man.” If you are open to friends or significant others, be careful who you would attract should this be your calling card. Ever hear of “karma?” What goes around, comes around…

I don’t buy that you like the “melody,” with limitless songs and melodies to like that do not include heinous dictators who have used children in cruel experiments.

There are other ways to differentiate yourself from authority.

Your dad has years of experience in the real world. A teenager knows jack shit about much of anything. Your dad is trying to help you. Listen to him.

Tell us about your cat.

No, yes, and heck yeah! It was a great meal!

(Seriously…although hopelessly off-topic…what’s wrong with Olive Garden?)

One thing you need to learn is “choose your battles.” I don’t know your father, so I don’t know if his anger is ever justified. Maybe he is just a petty tyrant. But maybe sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s wrong. From my point of view, knowing only what you’ve said in this thread, your father is right about listening to songs praising Hitler. There are very good reasons for people to get angry when they see someone listening to someone like that. There’s nothing good about Hitler, and no good comes from doing this just to show off your rebelliousness. If you’re going to buck authority, do it for a justifiable reason.

In many ways we are in the same boat, kamerad. While I despise the ideologically Nazi songs (like “Die Fahne Hoch” for example), I do like some of the apolitical soldatenlieder (which are largely romantic or generically patriotic/military stuff like my personal favourite “Hannelore” [1]). My parents don’t mind as long as I don’t take it too far though. In addition I don’t use it to troll people which seems to be what your dad is upset about and that’s perfectly understandable. That’s very insensitive, immature, and stupid to be frank.

[1] Largely because its the only song I found which has a resembling that of the girl I have a crush on (although that name’s Korean)