My father is mad at me because of the fact that I listen to a song praising A. Hitler

Hitler was a mass-murdering fuckhead, most people aren’t going to overlook that for the sake of a catchy melody.

What about Michael Jackson?

It’s expensive microwaved food that doesn’t taste very good and in most of the country there is easy access to amazing Italian American food all over the place. If I ever lived in a part of the country that didn’t have 10 incredible Italian american restaurants within 20 minutes of my house I’d give Olive Garden another chance.

There are ways to get attention that don’t involve purposely pissing off your parents. Seek attention from your peers, or (even better) do or create something that makes people *want *to pay attention to you, because what you’ve done or created is so good.

If it makes you feel any better, what you’re doing isn’t atypical of 19-year-olds, and you will probably grow out of this phase. The human cerebral cortex isn’t done developing until a person’s mid-20s, so for us to expect better of you isn’t as damning as if you were 35 and still pulling this kind of crap. Just try to find a more productive way to channel your teenage angst!

Some examples: you could write, or draw, or paint, or play a musical instrument, or volunteer to walk dogs and cats (if you appear to dig animals, that would make you very attractive to your preferred sex), or become the best goddamn PVPer on your server in WoW/SWTOR/etc. These are all activities that will get you attention, without all the potential negative consequences of lashing out against your parents and “the man.”

If you still find yourself intrigued by places like 4chan or gore sites (or whatever else you like because it’s edgy and anti-mainstream) even when nobody’s watching, just don’t tell your parents about it. Listen with headphones, and look at those sites when they’re not in the same room as you. There is no possible good that can come of them knowing, they’re only going to hassle you about it.

And maybe watch Schindler’s List or read Anne Frank’s diary and see if you can understand (emotionally) why Hitler was such a bad person. It’s one thing to listen to a song making fun of him, but enjoying a song that glorifies him is a pretty twisted thing to admit to. And the number of deaths he was responsible for is, honestly, WAY too many for any normal person of any age or maturity level to contemplate. If you try to understand how it affected just a small subset of people, that might get you to empathize better with people who demonize the H-man.

Michael Jackson is Hitler?

Well, did you ever see the two of them in the same room?

It sounds like you live in Turkey. Is that right?
My impression as an outsider is that Turkey is more free than many other countries but not as much as Western countries. If that’s true, I can see how you would have the urge to want to test boundaries and challenge authority. Can you think of a way to do that in a way that is productive? Maybe being part of a charity that works to improve things for other people?

You Never Even Call Me By My Name not included of course. I mean, it’s the perfect country and western song.

Calling the melody of the linked song ‘catchy’ is quite a stretch.

Granted, but the OP was trying to make that stretch.

Hitler was a man profoundly dedicated to Evil, in its purest sense.

Perhaps your Father feels that admiring this man would degrade you.

Perhaps it has.

To be fair to the OP, while he is a troll he doesn’t admire Hitler.

Well not just that, he also said he wouldn’t associate with people who listened to David Allan Coe either.

Yes, it’s really annoying to have someone who pretends to be an precocious, earnest adolescent, sincerely eager for civil discourse and honest debate, just in order to yank the collective chains of gullible SDMB members…

You think a responsible western father would not “intervene” in some manner if he thought his 19 year old son was grooving on neo-Nazi tunes?

If I were not so solidly convinced by the quite obviously intentionally slack grammar deliberately injected into nicely parsed sentences that you are an obvious troll playing at “dance puppets dance”, I would take the time to give you an answer, but since you are an incredibly obvious troll no answer is forthcoming.

Indeed. There are two plausible reasons to groove on neo-Nazi music:

  1. Because you agree with what they’re saying, in which case you’re worthless trash [note: you don’t seem to be in this category]; or
  2. Because you’re so desperate for attention that you’re willing to act out in order to get it, in which case, Jesus, dude, get a hobby.

Were my child listening to the music, I’d desperately hope they were in the merely pitiable second category, and sure as shit I’d intervene, helping them find a way to get attention that wasn’t so pathetic. But I’d also be examining my parenting: how did I fail so badly as a parent that my child thinks that this is their best avenue toward getting attention from the world?

It’s against the rules to accuse others of being a troll in this forum, so neither of you do this again. Use the Pit forum next time.

I’m curious under which circumstances the father would find out. I suppose they could be friends on facebook but if kid is grooving to zomg ev1l tunes on youtube how in the heck would dad even know? I suppose if kid started sporting swastika tattoos or flags on his car dad would intervene doubleplus quick, but listening to music?

Contrary to popular opinion not all dads are oblivious idiots with Gump-like acumen. Assuming the song’s lyrics are audible at some point it would not take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

However, I might let this one go -

19 year old kid, listening to some music in their room or on their iphone/ipad/tablet/mobile phone/mp3 player etc. is dad really going to take much of an interest in the provenance and lyrical content of the music? Seriously? Unless the kid is rubbing it in his dad’s face, in America, I doubt many parents would notice what their 19 year old kid was listening to unless the volume was too loud.