My favorite meal is...

Medium rare roast beef (slow cooked and tender) with baby carrots, new potatoes, onions and homemade brown gravy served with fresh baked bread and a garden salad with 1000 Island dressing and a glass of iced tea with lemon. Yummy!

This was done about a year ago but I’m in the mood to read about other people’s favorite meals! I’m soooo hungry right now. I had to work through lunch today!

Depends on my mood and the setting, of course.

There are days when I want to sit inside during a blizzard playing chess with someone, wrapped in quilts, eating a frozen pizza.

Or lounging on a picnic bench outside in summer eating fried chicken and watermelon and corn on the cob.

Or trapped on a remote South Pacific island spearing fish and eating their raw flesh. Really, it all depends on my mood and the setting.

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**Depends on my mood and the setting, of course.

There are days when I want to sit inside during a blizzard playing chess with someone, wrapped in quilts, eating a frozen pizza.**

Do you mean frozen pizza or frozen pizza?

Slow cooked, creamy Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms on Texmati brand rice.
Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.
Bisquick drop biscuits with real butter and clover hunny.
Estancia Cabernet Savignon in the right glass.
Rhubarb Pie a la mode.

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Sushi. I’d have it for every damn meal, if I could afford it. It’s simply the world’s most perfect food.


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Do you mean hunny or honey? :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it’s Mexican food. Tacos, burritos or both I don’t care, just make sure the salsa’s hot and the beer is cold. Little sour cream and guacamole on top with fresh cilantro and I’m in heaven.

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All I really ever want to eat is Taco Bell.

washed with egg
breaded with cornmeal
and Franks hot sauce

Hush puppies
with onions and butter

cole slaw
creamy and cold

and a big ol’ RC cola

<pardon me… I think my southernness is showing!>

Spinach salad with feta, caramelized walnuts, black olives, in a sweet vinaigrette

Tortellini alfredo with grilled chicken

my Mom’s Chocolate Silk Pie with real whipped cream
but I’m on a food plan with OA so this is just a dream! :slight_smile:

Spaghetti, with Italian sausage and homemade marinara sauce. Fresh garlic bread and a garden salad on the side.

And Lightin’, I’m with you about the sushi – delicious! It is darned expensive to buy but very cheap to make. My husband took a class at a local restaurant and became a certified sushi chef for about fifty bucks. These days we make our own sushi and can feed eight people til they’re stuffed for about thirty dollars. You ought to check with restaurants in your area and see if they offer classes – it is well worth it!

Oven Fried chicken with homemade Macaroni and Cheese, and peas. Yummy
I’ll third the sushi motion.

Chinese fried rice. I could eat it every day.

Yes, SUSHI!!!

Dallas area Dopers, there is a SUSHI BUFFET restaraunt in Plano - it’s all you can eat for somewnere around $20.00 per person with 4 sushi chefs constantly replenishing the supply! It’s off Preston Rd north of the G Bush tollway and it’s called Osaka. Not the absolute best sushi I’ve had, but pretty darn tasty and I ate until I could eat no more.

Just thinking about it makes me feel full…

Chicken Fried Steak w/white gravy
Mashed potatos and white gravy
Fresh grean beans cooked with onion and bacon
Garden salad w/buttermilk ranch dressing
A hot roll

Now my stomach is growling, come on five o’clock.

Rare T-bone steak, lots of salt.

Baked potato, sour cream, lots of salt.

Icy cold Fresca.

Oh yeah.

I get stuck in meal patterns. One month I can’t get enough pizza. Then won’t have it for half a year. I’ll cycle through pot roast every night to salad every night.

Cheeseburger, fries and a diet cola. I could eat this daily.

…Crab Legs with butter, and a Caesar Salad.

To drink, iced tea and a Newcastle.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich (sourdough bread, colby cheese) with Clausen mini dill pickles and potato chips.

OK, a fifth vote for sushi. As Lightnin’ said, it’s the world’s most perfect food. And such variety! Even if you (like me) don’t eat the raw mollusk forms. Sushi, a sixer of ice-cold Sapporo, and someone to drive me home afterwards. Abso-frickin-lutely.

One of my girlfriends has 15-year-old twin boys. They tried sushi. They liked sushi.(!) Unfortunately, it costs beaucoup bucks to fill up teenage boys with sushi.

I love sushi, but my favorite meal is whatever is on the seafood petite degustation menu at Ambria in Chicago–last time the courses included oysters, caviar, scallops and sea bass, with chocolate souffle with creme anglais for dessert. With champagne. (I’m not a cheap date.)