My Fingers Are Purple!

It’s pomegranate season! Yeah!

I’ve yet to find a way to get those yummy ruby nuggets out of the clinging embrace of nature’s yellow packing foam without staining my fingers, so I’ve just resigned myself to having slightly grotty looking nails and cutiles for awhile.

Mmmmm… pomegrantes!

Any other fans?

My cockatiels have recently discovered the joys of pomegranates, too. There are few things messier than little birds eating a pomegranate. I’m surprised the birds are still their original color instead of stained all over. Had to stop them from leaving little purple birdfoot prints all over the kitchen table.

Try two brothers, aged 8 and 6, having a pomegranate-seed war in a house with white walls.

Boy, my mother was pissed when she got home.

A trick from Iron Chef: Cut the pomegranate in half through the equator. Hold it (cut side down in the palm of your hand with your fingers spread) over a big bowl. Take a blunt implement of destruction (muddler, heavy wooden spoon, whatever) and firmly tap the top side of the pomegranate to knock the seeds loose.

Watch out for splatters, of course.

Purple fingers? You haven’t been eating pomegranates, you liar … you’ve been in Iraq, voting!

Pomegranates! Yay!

Cut it into two hemispheres, but only cut through the thick, leathery outer skin; try not to cut into the seed-y region, since that just creates a lot of mess unnecessarily. Pry the two halves apart, then drop them in a big bowl of water. Separate the seeds from the internal white membranes underwater - the seeds will sink, the white stuff will float, and the juice won’t spritz up and stain your shirt.

I tried the underwater technique. I still wound up with stained fingers.

Actually, I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding splatters. And now I remember not to wear a white t-shirt while indulging.

I just carefully peel down from the top in four directions along the slight depression, then peel a bit more until I can carefully, very carefully, pry my pomegranate open. I do this over a large bowl.

I must try and remember to save some seeds. I once had two pomegranate plants, but I killed them. I’d like to try again.