My forum preferences. What about yours?

ATMB I’ll pop in here every couple times I’m here. None of threads are too long, because if they do, I think it’s usually because the subject is Pit material. Still a nice place to pop into and learn news. I seldom post here.

Comments (lumping Cecil’s and Staff Reports This is fun, because almost inevitably there’s a guest posting and the very next post is someone instructing them to post a link. This seems to be where the truly crackpot newbies and guests come to roost. I can’t remember ever posting here.

GQ I’d say my second favorite forum. Before I joined, this is where I would come first. Lot’s of smart people here. It seems that there’s someone who knows something about everything here, and this is the place to prove it. I read this religiously, like I read the news and blogs.

Great Debates Alrighty, call me intellectually lazy. I do have opinions, and in person would be ever so glad to enjoy a nice debate. I just don’t have the brain stamina to do so over the course of a couple days, and posting frequently enough to be relevant. For that matter, I don’t think I’ve ever read past the first couple pages. Posters tend to wander off topic here. One game I like to play is to read the first couple posts, go straight to Page 8 or wherever and see if what they’re talking about there is even remotely related to the OP. Try it, it’s a hoot.

Cafe Society This one’s easy to skip past the threads I know won’t interest me. Certain types of books, movies and TV just don’t me all fuzzy. But I tend to enjoy the company of artists and creative people, and here’s where there seem to be the most.

Game Room I’m just here for the sports. I’m not a gamer, so there I am. I have discovered there are people that take their sports way way way too seriously. Geebus folks, watch the game and enjoy it!!! But it’s fun to read, because I’m a sports guy.

IMHO Unless something pops into my head and the voices in my head say to me “hey you, I wonder what the Dopers think of that?” I don’t run to read here. When I get the voices, sometimes I’ll also pop into GD, because almost inevitably there’s something related there too.

MPSIMS My favoritist place. The MMP is here, wacky nonsense (like this) is here, useless pronounciations, mild lamentations, exclamations of joy, sadness, mystery, hysteria, malaria, advice, and just plain stuff. Without a doubt, or even checking, I know that the majority of my posting has been here.

The Pit shudder
I’ll read here, seldom post because this is the Piranha tank of SDMB. It’s like the Amazon River with those things that swim up your noodle and camp out, and I don’t know how they get them out but I’m never going to the Amazon just for that very reason. It’s ugly, it’s snarky and if this place was an actual flesh and blood world and someone I truly hated (like my MIL) showed up, I’d drop her in here with a pile of Chick Tracts, some “Bush in 2000” buttons and a “God Hates Fags” banner.

It seems that sometimes even if someone pits something that you would think would be UNIVERSALLY pittable - say 14 Lebanese terrorists from Alabama tied up a 9 year old girl and forced her to watch “When Harry Met Sally” nonstop for three weeks until she begged for them to use her body but please god, no more of this! And then before they let her go, they cut some puppies up, burned down one of every denominational church in America, denounced Athiests just for good measure, then tattoed Chicago Cub logos all over her, that someone would jump in because that’s offensive to people from Alabama.

I mean, really, that’s true and you know it.

Still I think i started a couple Pit threads.

So, that’s my thread behavior.

ATMB: I tend to read here everyday and I post when there are SDMB tech questions I can answer, which lately is fairly often.

Comments: I read rarely and only post when one of these threads come up on a New Post search that interest me.

GQ: I read often and post on the occasions where I can answer with some authority. I learn an awful lot there.

Great Debates: I read some threads and posts occasionally (for me) but I usually stay out of the Theological threads and I am overwhelmed by the US election oriented threads lately. I also tend to quit posting when the thread becomes a parse war.

Cafe: I read the TV, Movie and Books threads that interest me and ignore the rest. I post in threads that concern the few shows I watch and I always post in Tolkien Threads and read most of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi threads.

Game Room: Hey, this is my forum. Joking a little, but half of my posts are in the Game Room and that is a lot of posts. I have the Middle Earth Role-Playing games, Glee’s RPG, Baseball and Football threads and occasionally the other games and sports polls/debates.

IMHO: I glance through and occasional respond. I find these threads mainly in a New Post search.

** MPSIMS**: I read a bit more than IMHO and posts a bit more. I find these thread mainly in a New Post search.

Pit: I read a lot and I post often, but usually as a calmer and politer voice with some very loud and obnoxious exceptions.

Jim (Crap I blew by 20,000 either today or yesterday and I did not even notice.)

I mostly read MPSIMS and IMHO. I browse CS and GR, but there’s rarely a thread I’m very interested in. I never go into GD at all. I’ll admit it, I read the Pit. And enjoy it.

Cafe Society is my main haunt, while GQ and the Pit are probably second and third in preference. Then IMHO and MPSIMS, followed by Great Debates.

I pretty much ignore ATMB, Cecil’s Columns (both the forum and anything written by him), Staff Reports, The Game Room, and The Barn House.

2.GD-Love to read, don’t post.
6.Pit-Read, don’t post

Don’t usually read any of the others.

A semi-related thread from a few years ago.

I generally cycle through the forums starting with CS, then moving to IMHO, MPSIMS and the Pit. GQ and GR get hit every 5th pass or so. GD gets looked at maybe twice a day, unless there is something interesting going on, like a gun thread. ATMB maybe once a day.