Are there parts of the SDMB you don't post in?

Presumably if you respond to this question you do post in IMHO. What other parts of the SDMB do you not post to and why?

I asked a question about raising livestock in “The Barn House” but never could get a straight answer. Never posted there since.

Never have occasion to visit ATMB, rarely Cecil’s Columns.

I’ve never been to “The Game Room.”
I guess I should visit, but I really don’t play games that much.

Other than Pinball.

I pretty much limit it to IMHO, GQ, GD and Cafe Society. Once in a while I go to some of the others.

I mostly browse by New Posts, so I very rarely pay attention to what forum I’m in. I don’t actively avoid any forum, although the Game Room and the Comments forum probably have the fewest threads I’m interested in.

I rarely venture into the Comments forums and don’t have the patience for GD. ETA: And I only visit the BBQ-pit if I don’t find anything else interesting on any of my regular sites.

My main forums would be IMHO, MPSIMS and the Game Room (love those Feuds)

I’ve never posted in ABTMB, The Barn House, or either of the comment forums. Mostly, I’m a Cafe Society/IMHO kinda gall, with a few posts a week in MPSIM and the Pit, and occasional posts in GQ, GD and the Game Room if I have a specific topic I want to talk about or there’s a thread that catches my interest.

Like **WhyNot **I do a lot of my browsing by the New Post function, but I do not look in the “The Barn House” so far since after its initial setup. I am everywhere else, but especially the Game Room. I read the ATMB everyday as it is usually slow moving and it keeps me up to date on board changes and I learn new functions.

I never post in IMHO.


About this Message Board, the Comments forums, and the Pit, all very rarely. GD next to never. Game Room only accidentally, I think.

I rarely post in CS, and only sometimes post in GD, though I read it quite often. MPSIMS and the Pit are probably the biggest contributors to my post count. I don’t say much in IMHO.

I tend to keep out of GQ and GD.

I barely read GD and Barnhouse and so don’t post there. I don’t think I’ve ever ended up posting in either of the ‘Comments On’ forums either.

Never even opened The Barn House, rarely open GD (have made maybe 10 posts there in my entire life), have posted maybe twice in CCC, maybe once in CSR, and a small handful of MPSIMS posts.

Mostly I’m GQ, IMHO and Cafe Society.

I stay out of The Game Room and GD. I also don’t go into The Barn House.

I actually got so curious, I searched. Over the years, I’ve posted to 160 threads in About this Message Board, 17 in Comments on Cecil’s Columns, 5 in Comments on Staff Reports, 25 in Great Debates, 14 in the Game Room, and 294 in the Pit. Not all of those (especially in the Game Room) started in those forums.

I’m really surprised at the number of threads in the Pit I’ve posted to.

Almost never Cecil’s Columns or The Game Room. I posted in Barn House a few times, but now … nope. Sorry, Ed. :frowning:

I only rarely read pit threads, and never answer them. At least not since years ago, when I tried to reason with someone that pitted me.

I have never even opened a thread in the barn house.

It’s very rare that I go to Great Debates. Most threads there are about American politics, which I don’t know about, or religion, which I don’t care about.

I generally avoid Comments on Cecil’s/Staff Columns and The Barn House.

I hardly ever go into the comment on columns bits, ATMB, or GD. I’ve been in the Barn House once, just to see what the fuss was about.