My friend moved out of his parents house!

Its been something he’s been trying to do for some time. I feel really glad he was finally able to do it.

My friend’s domestic situation at home was getting miserable. In his family, he was the ‘good’ son, and his younger sister was a spoiled brat. He never asked for anything of them, always did what he was told, always tried to appease them, and all he got in return was being the household scapegoat. Anytime anything went wrong it was his fault.

His bank account was shared with his mother. This is because for quite some time she had been charging him ‘rent’ to live in the house. This is because last year she was off disability. Physically, she was able to go back to work, but it was much easier to simply use my friend’s income. Rather than try to get another job, or improve their home, or something practical, his mother decided she needed a new vehicle, so she bought a Mercedes Benz. Thats right, his unemployed mother bought a luxury car, and made him pay half the monthy payments just to live in the house. All told they were taking about 1700 dollars a month just for the right to live AT HOME and had he been unable to pony up because of loss of job/desire to go back to school he would have gotten the boot.

Not surprisngly, he was salivating to get out of there. If anything, he’d be BETTER off financially on his own, since he had to pay them so much. Last year he was making plans to move out in the summer but unfortunately was in a car accident. Becuase of all the problems associated with the accident (he was at fault, his already high insurance doubled, yadda yadda) he couldn’t afford to do it just yet.

Finally he was able to move out this month. He moved into a 2 bedroom apartment about 20 minutes away from my house (he used to live just down the road :frowning: ) and is living with another friend of his. We are ecstatic at the degree of serenty that has been felt even though he’s lived there less than a week. I was somewhat jealous that he can afford to move out- I’d like to as well but for me its more simply envy because 1. I get along fine with my household, 2. I can’t possibly afford to live on my own right now, 3. I’m going to school and will be doing so for at least 2 more years.

He mentioned to me that when I am able to move out I am welcome to move in with him but the apartment is too cramped for 3 people. If his roomate moved out I’d consider it. In the meantime I am very happy for him and enjoy visiting his place :slight_smile:

Yay for your friend!!! :smiley:

That’s great, Incubus! I know you miss him being so close, but it sounds like he’s much better off. I can’t believe a mother could treat her own son like that. Shame on her! I don’t see anything wrong with an adult child contributing to the household, but $1700!!?? I’m sure room and board in a stranger’s home wouldn’t cost that!

And, your time will come. Just finish school and the world will be your oyster! :slight_smile:

congrats to your friend, the freedom and peace of mind to be living on your own.

Free at last! :cool: Priceless…

Hurray for your friend!

Stellar, basically, since his account was linked to his mom, anytime she would come up short for one thing or another, she’d siphon money off him. Personally I hardly think a luxury car is neccessary for survival. His younger sister is perpetually in trouble and yet isn’t obligated to do anything. His mom doesn’t have a ‘talking’ voice. She has a ‘screaming’ voice. I swear, virtually everytime she is talking to him, she is furiously screaming at him about it. Living with irrational and ill-tempered parents was not fun for him, and he was glad to be away from it.