My good deed for the day

Today I went to see Borat with a friend You know the movie because I don’t know anyone named Borat.

Anyway when we went to leave our row my friend asked me if that was my cell there on the armrest. I didn’t know why he thought it was my phone because I wasn’t sitting there, but I picked it up and said no.

At this point I had two thoughts

  1. Return the phone to the manager and hope the person who’s phone it was would check there
  2. Look in the phone’s contact list to see if the owner has something entered as mom/dad/brother/sister/home etc.

Doing option 2 I didn’t see anything so I called one of the numbers on the phone using the phone. I was all set to say I found your friend’s phone and would like to return it can you please have the person call me at (my cell) but it went to voice mail.

I asked my friend who drove to the theater if he would take me to the Cingular store so I could drop it off and they can contact the account holder.

Well before that happens the phone rang. I answered it asking are you the person who lost this phone. The voice said he was and I asked if he was still by the movie theater.

He said he was still in the theater but was exiting. So I stated walking toward the theater. We found each other, he thanked me and I returned his phone. I then wished him a happy holiday.

I felt good returning the phone because it was the right thing to do. I just wish that when I had lost my phone last week whoever found it would have had the decency to return it to me