My Husband, the Pseudo-Doper

Mr. S just isn’t much of an Internet guy. He’ll sit in here with me and surf the news sites and eBay on his laptop while I surf my own sites, but that’s about it. He might send an e-mail a month if he’s feeling prolific. He knows about the Dope, but he doesn’t want to join the club. I’ll tell him about this or that interesting thread or funny comment, and he enjoys most of it. Just not gonna participate.

Last weekend we went to a wine-tasting dinner, and during the festivities the host was asking some trivia questions and offering small prizes to those who knew the answers. For one question the crowd (OK, about 25 people total) seemed stumped – until out of the blue Mr. S goes, “Rio by Duran Duran!” What a goof! I’m quite sure I was the only one there who knew what the hell he was talking about. Doofus. :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t say whether that was the correct answer. Was it? :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, no. :slight_smile: