My husband's ball scratching is driving me nuts.


Would your husband perhaps consider a trade? I have a garage full of power tools…

Well, according to Cecil, he might as well be touching his butt. So wash those hands, mister!

I’ll scratch down there, but only in the car and only when I’m by myself. I drive long distances fairly often, and it’s a minor pleasure to get a cuppa and a cruller and then head out on the highway as the sun comes up. When the time is right – you just know when it’s right – a good ol’ scratch seems perfectly natural, or even essential. With one finger on the steering wheel and the cruise maintaining an even glide, and with Phil Goiterman on the radio and the odor of the comestibles filling the vehicle, a long satisfying scratch is just what the doctor ordered.

I hope you don’t badger him.

You’re just jealous. :smiley:

Why do women rub their eyes in the morning? Because they don’t have balls to scratch.

Anastasaeon: Please come and edumacate the bus wife in this morning routine.

When come bring mushrooms.

It hurts to contain this much laughter while at work in the cubicle farm.
BTW: could you tutor Mrs. Franchi in the very excellent sounding AM routine? :wink:
I am glad I was drinking when I read your first 2 posts.

Pff. I scratch my tits. :stuck_out_tongue:

See if you can get him to spread whatever he’s scratching up onto some crackers.

I suggest a dry chardonnay with some of that fromunda cheese.

How the fuck did Goodle Ads come up with “Elegant Jewelry” for this thread?

Okay, I gotta know–what thread were you trying to post this in?

You ought to scratch yourself (carefully, of course!) and then start doing stuff like putting dishes away and see what he says. I wonder how he’d react.

Scratching = okay. Scratching constantly without handwashing = ick. I’ve never known a man who didn’t scratch sometimes, but none have done it constantly.

Hah, I get “Sell your Essays Online” for my ad.

Maybe the following solution could alleviate at least the scritching sound.

I second the scratching without handwashing = ewwww.

Bats, maybe give him a taste of his own medicine - after a real sweaty day give your girly bits a good skritching in his presence and then touch all his food or something.

Do it like this:

Scratch yourself
Go back to slicing vegetables, or whatever
After a few seconds, stop, wrinkle your nose and sniff
Gingerly sniff your hand
Say “oh”
Walk to the sink and wash your hand
Go back to slicing vegetables, or whatever

Why, all the discussion about “the family jewels,” obviously!

Seriously, though, if Belfry’s husband is scratching that much and that often, I think a trip to the doctor would not be out of order.

I say you should use a slightly modified version of the method the nuns used to make kids stop thumbsucking when I was a wee child at Catholic school. When he gets home, cut open a hot pepper and rub his finger tips with it. It’ll stop the nut-scratching and also teach him not to dig in his nose or ears.

Get him a can of Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Wonderful stuff for scrotal itchiness.

My Google ad is for “Sissel Power Weight Balls!” :smiley:

He scratches because it’s…MANLY!!!

So, tell him it’s a sissy-boy thing to do.

He’ll stop.