My husband's ball scratching is driving me nuts.

Of course he only does it while he’s home. But as soon as he gets home, he puts on his “comfy pants”, which have a stretch waist band and lots of room, so he can shove both arms down there. It annoys me the most when we’re having a conversation.
He’ll be telling me about his day, and I’ll try to pay attention over the Scritch Scritch Scritch.

He thinks I’m being ridiculous when I ask him to stop while I’m watching t.v. Or to wash his hands before putting the dishes up, “it’s my balls not my butt”. :rolleyes:

I know most guys scratch. But I honestly don’t remember EVER seeing my dad do it, or hearing my mom complain about my dad doing it. And none of my former BFs have walked around the house with both hands shoved down there.


Sounds like he might need to see a doctor if he’s walking around with his hands in his pants all the time

Of course, I’m under the impression that most men would have their hands in their pants all the time if they could, so maybe he’s not that far off from normal. :smiley:

I was hoping this would be about pool

So a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down his pants…

My dad does it too, but he washes his hands immediately after, as if he were disgusted with himself.

He’s always been a strange man.

I used to scratch my balls all the time. Very annoying.

And then I changed by golf clubs from square grooves to rounded grooves. Problem solved.



Erg, seriously, people, all this talk is making me crave my great, big, juicy mushrooms.

I can’t wait!


That’s what I get for having two browser windows open. Excuse me, Batsi, dear, but I took a wrong turn. I’m in the wrong thread.

slinks away in humiliation

Oh. My. God.

Well thanks a lot, I’m never having mushrooms again.


“Mushroom ensues.”

Sure, chicks want a sensitive guy who can be open with his issues, and deal with his feelings publicly.
Then when it comes out that that the main issue is his ballsack, and the feeling is ichyness it’s all whine whine whine. :slight_smile:

P.S. by the way Anastasaeon


I’m thinking I should lay off them, myself. :eek:

But if you are going to cross post accidentally you couldn’t have done it better :smiley:

I have a feeling you could even make it into the SDMB in-jokes with your post.


One already is plenty.

I’m a bloke; sometimes they itch and desperatedly need scratching, but I try to be discreet; I think that regular fondling and/or scratching in an everyday situation is easily something that could be classed as unnecessarily offensive. Sure, he needs to scratch, but he also needs to be sensitive about what offends you.

Handling crockery after ball scratching, without first washing hands is just totally unacceptable; were I in your situation, I’d threaten to resolve the situation by breaking said dishes over his ignorant head.

Funny - I was thinking fungus infection myself.

So as to add something to this thread other than the usual unintended hijackery, I lucked out with my husband in that he doesn’t purposely walk around scratching his balls… however, at night, when he’s sound asleep, he… he sleep-ball-scratches. Loudly. And he goes to town, too. Sometimes it sounds to me like he’s really hurting himself… you know how if you get really itchy and scratch your arms or legs, and leave great, red welts on them, especially if they’re dry? He really digs at them… I keep thinking one of these days I’m going to wake up next to a fresh castrato.

However, upon morning inspection, they appear normal and healthy, with no welts or nicks or cuts. But sheesh. And it’s as horrendous to listen to as someone gritting their teeth. shudder

You inspect your husband’s balls every morning? We should all be so lucky.

Have you tried scratching them yourself?

As part of our daily routine, I usually end up face to face with the wood in the morning, so, well, yeah, I do inspect them every morning, and usually a few other times during the day, too. I only regret that the man has to work for a living.