My job as an air-trafic controller (well, not really)

I am too tired and fed up to put any effort into the creativity of this post. And I am too tired and fed up to actually be angry.

Today as I rushed from computer to computer, from room to room, on and off various phones I said to myself “this must be how air traffic controllers feel”.

Of course it probably isn’t even close. But it had to have been a pretty bad day for me to say that.

I was the victim of a few very unforseen system errors at the start of my shift. these caused me to be late with routine (but important stuff) I got everything sorted in the end, but I was wrestling with the idea of reporting this all day.

My boss is not a “these things happen. put it behind you” type of person. He’s the type who wants to know every fucking detail "why wasn’t there a check in place for this? " “what time did you ring so-and-so?” “this is indicative of carelessness and unprofessionalim” “wa wa wa blooby wa fuck”. I am the best guy you’ve got dickhead [and you’ve admitted it]. I don’t want to hear shit like this…

<blink>. anyway. what was I saying? oh fuck it. At least I have harry potter 5 to look forward to - out this month.

Oh and can a mod change the title to “this is a pit thread in which I rant about my bad day at work and how my boss is a nit-picker and I mention that it’s june” for the people who like discriptive thread titles.

[sub](I am joking of course. leave the title alone)[/sub]

Chewy chomp. Bwa chewy chewy chomp.


While I’m usually a big fan of constructive criticism, there is a time and place. That time and place is not in the middle of a crisis. If your boss really wants to help, he can roll up his sleeves and disengage his mouth. If he wants to help you prevent it from happening again after the fact, so much the better.

I empathize. It never rains but it pours, and you can’t win for losing. (Are there any more meaningless platitudes I can ram into this post?)