My Name Is Earl 10/25

Can’t believe I’m the first to make an Earl topic tonight.

Good to see Earl starting a new list. I liked item #3. “Wrote on a prison pillowcase.”

Good moments:

“No, I don’t know who stole your phone. Yes, I know what already downloaded a .jpeg means. Hey Darnell! What’s a .jpeg? What’s downloaded mean? And how come I have another picture of me crapping my pants?”

“Jose’s dead? And I never got to tell him about the joke I played on him. I took the skinheads’ radio and hid it in his bed.”

The whole Joy vs. Catalina subplot was weak, though. Catalina gets a photo of Joy messing herself, and the only revenge Joy can take is setting her up to crap herself so Joy can get a picture?

I still can’t believe I actually like Michael Rapaport in his role of Frank.

I liked how Earl put getting Billie’s life back on track ahead of making it up to Frank for breaking up their relationship and for getting Frank to see it was the decent thing to do. If there’s anything to karma, Earl ought to be getting out of jail really soon.

I liked the condom jars.

“Ribbed for her pleasure” packed full.

“Ultra thin for his pleasure” empty.

I’m not sure I could have sex with a poster of Craig Nelson looking at me. “Enjoy Yourself – You Earned It!”

Excellent scene of Catalina adjusting her boobs. I hope that becomes a continuing theme.

My favorite touch was the plastic-wrapped EVERYTHING in the conjugal apartment. Couch, pillows, coffee table …

And the sign, very briefly visible on the wall in the hallway: MANAGEMENT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY STD’S CONTRACTED.

“I guess this won’t really help you with your abandonment issues, huh?”

I missed the first five minutes. How did Catalina capture Joy in such an embarrassing state?

And what did Catalina say in Spanish during that one scene?

According to TWoP, Joy was playing pool and had an accident. Catalina followed her into the bathroom and snapped a picture. That seemed rather overly bitchy.

Earl said in his Convict Match video he was married twice. Joy and who else?

Tell me what billboard company will put up a Full Monty of a naked man.

The Spanish translation (according to the Weecap on TWoP) is something about they hoped this bit wasn’t too disgusting and they hoped it would be funny.

Catalina already was talking on her cell phone when she accidentally walked in on Joy and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. She didn’t intentionally follow Joy into the ladies’ room, camera in hand.

Randy mistook a Sudoku for a crossword puzzle!

With the caption: “Remember, it’s cold in prison!”

Giovanni Ribisi’s mom, briefly, before she slept with the lead singer of Phish Tahko (all spellings approximate).

Thanks, I’d forgotten.

I thought Randy was doing a crossword puzzle, and knowing Randy, answered filled in one of the boxes with a number.

The girlfriend was more-or-less wearing this: (borderline NSFW, if you work in a Church or something):
I recognized it immediately.

(W)hole surgery? I thought they had a fancier name for it than that.

Earl is back on track. For the first few weeks I thought I would be giving up on it, but this week was the best so far. And Alyssa Milano is *still *smokin hot

I like the prison episodes. I was worried at first, but I wouldn’t mind this lasting a whole season.

I missed the thread for last week’s episode, but let me jump back and say, “Swing and a miss!” I respect the effort of going outside the box, but WOW did that suck!