"My Name is Earl," 9-20-07

I missed it last night. Was it the season premiere?

::crossing fingers, hoping not::

Fear not, just last season’s finale.

Next week, then? Cool!

The season finale, with extra scenes…which I couldn’t identify personally, but my DVR doesn’t lie…

If you figure 'em out, please tell us about them!

I didn’t notice any new scenes either, but it did have an amusing music video I hadn’t seen called “Free Earl!”, with the characters performing and singing in “We Are the World” fashion, asking that the title character be released from prison.

[this doesn’t deserve its own thread] Last night’s Office had a similar little time filler at the end- 5 minutes of the characters talking about how they spent their summer. Loved Ryan- he became quite the corporate prick.

IIRC, though, the season premiere for Earl is an hour long.
checks NBC website

Yup, one hour long, starting at 8 PM.

The Free Earl Video

Joy: “There are African children starving/all over this world…”

The chorus is from the people he’s helped (Gay Kenny, “cancer kazoo” guy, etc.)

yep. Totally frickin’ hilarious.

Already gone.

That’s bizarre. It was posted on NBC’s official YouTube channel. You’d think, being a major national broadcast network, that they would have properly acquired the rights first. On the other hand, maybe it’s the work of an overzealous intern at 20th.

It’s on Earl’s NBC website.

The Office extras, too. Those have been online for a couple weeks…and a lot more of them.

Heh, I just got the subtle joke in there.

Okay, this is what bugs me about corporate myopia: I can understand why you wouldn’t want an entire movie or an episode of a TV show on YouTube, but why in hell would you take down the Earl video? That is a BOON to the show- it makes people remember “Oh yeah, I like that show, and it premieres this week”. A lot more people are going to find that by kismet on YouTube than on the NBC website (where you’re going to have to look for it- you’re not going to stumble over it by accident). YouTube is the Alexandria of serendipitous advertising- I actually bought the DVD for Ugly Betty (Earl’s competition I believe) strictly because I thought the YouTube clips were funny. If I can understand when TO and when NOT TO remove things from YouTube for advertising reasons, why can’t suits who are already in the business and presumably have studied advertising?