My Name is Earl -- May 7, 2009 episode

What did you think of last night’s episode?

It seemed too fantastical, Geraldo actually finding something he was looking for.

Certainly funny in places, but overall quite weak.

Permit me to be the first person to question how the video recorder carried on working when the leccy went out at the Crab Shack.

Just too much fantasy. In addition, how does a nose in cement stay so fresh looking for 8 years?

Horrible. I didn’t laugh once and my suspension of disbelief was strained to the breaking point.

Heh. Actually, the nose did lead to my favourite bit. Randy ‘killing’ the guy over the fish wings by pinching the nose shut.

The system was hooked up to a UPS?

I have to say, I’ve never really liked Gerardo, but I gained a slight bit of respect for him doing this show. He poked major fun at himself, and I gotta give him props for that.

I agree with TBG about my opinion of Geraldo. That he was able to take on the role shows he’s a good sport. Overall the episode was “meh”… I asked my son afterward the same question ftg asked about the recorder continuing to tape with no power, and also about it getting a good image in the dark. My son said “batteries” but I think it’s a plot oversight. Also the nose staying fresh thing…

The only things that I really thought were funny in this one were a few of the Daytime Hooker’s scenes. Especially the one where she’s hosing out the backseat of her car.

It was a pretty good episode – not up to the previous one, which was great, but still pretty funny.

I loved the way the broke the show just before Darnell was about to say something, and how his mouth was full and he couldn’t say what it was when they went to commercial. The nose as a doorstop (and the absurd image of it sticking out of the floor. Geraldo’s self-peptalk, or the way he touched up his hair in the mirror even knowing there was a camera behind it. (Geraldo was great from start to finish).

A few strained bits – the Center really didn’t work, but generally a very good show.

The show’s a farce and this last episode was among the more farcical. There’s no such thing as “too fantastical” or “too much fantasy” in an Earl show. Just look at the starting premise. Earl gets creamed by a car and lives with no ill effects. Thus was born the karma theme. I just watch and enjoy the silliness each week. This last two-part episode was okay, not great. Could’ve been done in one week. There was no real need to stretch it out.

Well, we did learn that Camden is in the Central Time Zone. So there’s that.

I liked the episode overall, but I want to see Earl get back to his list.

“People have told me that I was on a show called ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ for 3 years but I don’t remember that either.”

Most of it was too weird to be funny, but it had it’s moments.

The show can be pretty damn funny at times but this was one where their attempts at funny were just too forced. Geraldo was too much. Sure, it’s cool & trendy to go on Earl and spoof yourself but they overdid it.

What’s up with Darnell about to kill Catalina and now Randy killing that guy over the fishwings? Kinda dark.

I always assumed the show took place in California and the central time zone bit was because their cable feed came out of Texas or something. I’ve done that in CA before. I used to watch Dallas news in Monterey, CA. It could take place in Texas though. That would explain palm trees. OTOH, California gets pretty redneck when you leave the coast and get into central and eastern parts of the state.

The Crab Shack makes me think it was in Maryland.

Camden County is probably just down the road from Springfield.

They’ve mentioned Hagerstown and Frostburg State University, both of which are in Maryland.
Add in the fact that they claimed to be in the ‘Center’ during the Civil War, and I’m positive Earl takes place in Maryland, even though there is no Camden County here.

Yup. It’s like Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives. Wisterias bloom all year, they’re near an ocean when required, in tornado alley when needed, sunny and warm all year unless a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas episode needs a 24 hour weather change.

But palm trees? I need to move back. Missed 'em the first time. :smiley:

The map of Center did show Shelbyville so Springfield had to be close

I loves me some MNiE, but this season in particular they seem to have gone over the edge of my TMI meter! :eek: I don’t know how else to put it – they’ve just grossed me out in so many instances; it’s like the show is being run by 12 year old boys or something, ya know what I mean? :wink: My favorite part of last night’s show? Geraldo being caught in the bathroom, practicing. :smiley: And then his fake voice trying to disguise himself!

NBC has not (yet) renewed MNiE and indeed there is some talk online about the show -possibly- going to FOX. I have no idea if any of that is true, and apologize now for not having a link to that information. I do still enjoy Earl, and hope it will be back next year; I don’t think they have exhausted the story ideas.

You can get them potted, of course. Lots of bars with outside decks do it for the summer. :smiley: