My nefarious sister out to defraud my aunt. What can be done?

I am asking a question, but I am pretty PO’d so if this belongs in the pit, I understand.

My Sister, who is very comfortably well off (not through any dint of her own), has no end of greed and evil within her. After years of never speaking with her, actually decades, well actually her entier life, she is suddenly “becoming” my Aunt’s best friend, now that Auntie is starting to become infirm in the head. As an example, Auntie was playing Canadian lottery even after being shown articles about it being a fraud. She would promise everyone she wouldn’t do it again, but the telemarketer always gets her to buy more tickets.

My Aunt has two living children, the third one having committed suicide, I am sure in quite some part because Auntie stood by her man while he serially raped his daughter throughout her pubescence and early teens, because Jesus doesn’t like divorce. Of the remaining, one is in some legal trouble with substance abuse and as a result his available actions are extremely limited in scope, and the other has profound mental disturbance and will need some kind of professional supervision and care for the rest of his life or he will certainly be homeless. She should be worrying about caring for them and their future, the grimness of which is almost utterly her own fault.

Now, my sister has suddenly been love bombing my aunt, sending her photos of her kids, etc. The latest development is that my cousin reports that heirlooms have been vanishing from Auntie’s house. Upon quizzing Auntie, it turns out sis is telling her things like “I’ll take care of them and they will be passed down.” Got news for you, my poor demented aunt, that silverware is going to be passed down straight to E-Bay, instead of YOUR OWN GRANDCHILDREN.

Besides, she already has her own monogram. It’s the one she tried to sell when she was 12 so she could plan a widely advertised lard party with her fattie friends. Or maybe there was a more reasonable explanation for it being located under her bed, instead of in the dining room silver drawer? Little sister has a long and varied history of this kind of thing, or didn’t you know, Auntie? Numerous cases of “Dine and Dash”, shoplifting in, God, wait for it, DISNEYLAND?!?! OF ALL PLACES? Not only a crook, but an incredibly stupid one. For shame! How the hell can your dumb ass be even related to me? Ugh!

So now, when everyone in Auntie’s family is down, she is trying to scam my Aunt out of everything. Not because she really even needs to, but because she thinks she can.

Yes, my sister is an evil bitch, and I pity her, even if I stopped loving or caring about her a long time ago. She never has had a single true friend, she wouldn’t know a loving relationship if it bit her on the ass (God I pity her husband), and I don’t care any more. I just want to stop her from raiding all the assets from a family she has never had any desire to know or be a part of, until she smelled an opportunity to steal money that legitimate family members need far more, and are far more entitled to than she is, which is not at all.

These guys are all in different states from me and each other. Any ideas? Isn’t there a fraud statute? I really want to put a stop to this. I haven’t spoken to my sister in a number of years, and really have no desire to, not that anything I might be able to say could stop her. She wants Aunties millions and will do anything she can do, short of being legally barred, until they are destitute and she has every nickel.

What say the dope? What should I do?

Do you believe that your aunt is competent in the legal sense of the word?

She has been diagnosed with bipolar, and is on medication, but she goes off her meds…

Sounds like one of your cousins needs to talk to an attorney, or an elder care agency in her area.

How did you find out about this?

I’d talk to the cousins and then plan a group confrontation with your sis.

I would try to get proof of her selling the items on eBay or however she does. Don’t even hint that you are doing this until you have proof. You can show the proof to your aunt and the evidence could be used for the legal stuff to follow, to insure this stops at a minimum.

I have no proof except my own certainty. Like many abject sociopaths, she is almost mechanistic in her behaviors and has no sentimentality whatever unless it involves her own miserable crotchfruit.

I live 2000 miles from evil sister, and have no access to her stuff, so proof would be hard to find. I don’t know what stuff is being taken, so even searching for listings is problematic. As I said, one cousin is tied up with his own troubles and the other is plain crazy, as in “caught naked on the freeway median by police and when asked what he was doing replied that he was looking for his Grandfather’s dog (a dog that lived 400 miles away)” crazy.

Plus, he also benefits from Auntie’s deluded largess. He was tired of his car and kept hinting he needed a new one. Failing that, he intentionally crashed the one he was driving (maiming another motorist for life) so she would have to buy him a new one. How do we know he crashed intentionally? Well, one of the ways craze-o cousin is craze-o, is he is Jesus craze-o, and he thought wearing seatbelts was a sign of lack of faith in jeebus, so he never wore them. Except that day. When quizzed about this, he replied “I recieved a feeling from God that it would be a good day to wear it”. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

His reward for ruining another person’s life and his mint condition classic Camaro (that he also whined and peaded for)? New Benz from Auntie. Why a Benz? SAFETY! :smack: Because people that intentionally ram other motorists because they are tired of their car are much safer in a vehicle that has over 300 Hp under the hood. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Oh, and according to craze-o, it doesn’t matter that their family is running out of money because the end times are here and Jeebus is going to return any second now…

Look, craze-o, all your teeth are falling out because you smoke like a fiend and never brush, so your homeless disguise will be very authentic, but you aren’t going to be picking up on the ladies you ugly damn jack-o-lantern, even if you had a damn Ferarri (well maybe then, but it ain’t happening). You ARE going to be sitting by the on-ramp in a climate that gets hard long winters, flying cardboard for a looong time before Jeebus comes, so why don’t you follow the Bible’s advice and practice good stewardhip? Oh, sorry, I forgot, you have to be sane (and actually know the first thing about the Bible) to do that. At least you will be sleeping in a premium German sedan at night. If you don’t wander away and forget you own it, once Auntie isn’t around to see you take your meds…

The thing is, the heirlooms are just the beginning. Sis is getting Auntie into the habit of sending her things, and doing what she is told. Money will be next, I assure you. “The kids are doing great in school, I am sure you want to help with the college fund” etc.

By point of fact, the kids are doing terribly because my sister spoils them rotten rotten rotten. On our last (probably last ever) visit, we went out to eat at a decent place and the kids ordered Mac and Cheese. The first course for their meal was carrot and celery sticks, which they refused because “we don’t eat vegetables”. :eek: Mac and Cheese comes and THEY REFUSE IT. Why? It was baked en casserole instead of being wet and runny Kraft style glop.

Now in my day, kids were expected to eat what was put in front of them, and it would have been eat what you are served or go to bed without dinner. In fact, my sister was raised (properly) the same way. So what happened? Back went the Mac and Cheese, and orders were placed for spaghetti (which, it turns out, candy and ice-cream excepted, is about the only other food the kids will eat under any circumstances), my sister paying for the duplicate meals. So you can imagine… Thank God the spaghetti passed muster or we would have been moving to another restaurant, I guess. Anyway, they are all going to grow up fat slobs like Sis and her Chubby Hubby. Whiny, spoiled, fat, slobs, who have never tasted anything besides cheese or tomato flavored goo.

I asked Hubby about all this later and his reply was “all kids are like that, whattayagonnado”. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Um, not the ones I know, dude, and what you should be doing is start being a parent and not a damn butler. Anyway, you are the tool, because until she decided she wanted kids, sis was a bona fide man hating, t-shirt wearing, multiple cat owning, Garfield reading, lasagna baking, Marlboro smoking, nth degree stereotype of a bull-dyke lesbian.

Of course, she never told you any of that, but you might get a clue by the way she ignores the older daughters and focuses on the youngest because as she frequently announces “I only wanted a boy” (to take out my man-hate on and pussify). Also, way to scar your daughters for life, Sis. They won’t have any issues at all, growing up with a mother that reminds them daily how they weren’t wanted, then laughs about it and says with evil satisfaction in her voice, “but I finally got my boy”.

It is all very distressing. The ancestors are rolling in their freaking graves, and I am the only one left to see the final decimation. Sis, I truly hope those Marlboros give you cancer, and soon. Everyone would be better off.

Thank God for anonymity on this board. Not many folks I can share this crap with IRL. Enough people think I am crazy without me filling out the pedigree for them. Yeah it runs in the family. :frowning: I moved 2000 miles away to make a new start away from those freaks, but you really can’t ever get away.

I doubt your aunt is incompetent in the legal sense of the matter.
I doubt lawyers will help.
I doubt you can make a strong enough impression on anyone involved to achieve any of your goals.

Give up. Get on with living your life.
Sometimes the best way to enjoy your family is to sever all contact with part of it.

On edit: Thanks for that last post, though. You did a good job of drawing an interesting picture.

Sends money to Canadian Lottery Scam AFTER BEING SHOWN ARTICLES ABOUT THE SCAM.

Went along with craze-o about the “Miracle” God performed in the whole seat-belt affair.

Is sending heirlooms to a relative who never spoke to her until she got wind that she was losing her grip on reality.

Decided it would be a good money saving measure to turn off the heat in a farmhouse in the middle of a midwestern winter. All the pipes burst and the damage is estimated at $50,000. And it wasn’t like she didn’t know the pipes would burst. When asked about the incident, she defends it by stating that “She didn’t see any future in it” (the farmhouse) as she goes along with craze-o’s assessment of the proximity of the second coming. Where does craze-o get his info? Pat Robertson, whom he describes as “quite a scholar”. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Um, where is that meteor that was supposed to hit Orlando, Pat? What a prophet!

You’re telling me that ain’t enough?

Here’s the thing. My sane cousin is straightening out his act and when he does, he would actually like to maybe have some heirlooms for HIS kids, and maybe a little for THEIR college fund. As I said, Sis is well taken care of, too well, the way she has behaved with her good fortune. She doesn’t need any of this and is a simple thief and con artist. Now that everyone is down, she moves in for the kill. I love my sane cousin. I have been trying to get him out of that town and away from those folks forever, but he won’t ever do it. They have done what I most feared, they have almost dragged him down with him, and I have to do something. Doing nothing is not an option.

Oh, and it will be sane cousin taking care of craze-o after Auntie is gone, and that isn’t a free proposition either, so he will need money to do that. He has been managing the farm at a profit as well, but now he can’t even go down there because Auntie has rendered the house uninhabitable. So she is willfully destroying assets. I am sure my sane cousin could give you many other incidents that demonstrate she is not of sound judgment, but these are the (recent) biggies that come to mind. You guys telling me nothing can be done here? It’s a friggin train wreck!

How big was the loss in the Canadian Lottery Scam?
My first read from your post was just that she was playing the lottery.
Sure, I thought to myself, all lotteries are scams. At least she was playing in one managed by polite folks who don’t litter…

Letting the pipes burst intentionally is the clincher for me. That’s certainly incompetence, but you’ll need find evidence of an ongoing pattern. I suspect you may have enough, but I’m no probate attorney.

I don’t think it’s any of your business. It’s her money, and unless she’s truly certifiable (which doesn’t appear to be the case), then she can dispose of her assets any way she sees fits. If the one semi-sane offspring isn’t trying to stop this, why should you? The sane one is under no obligation to look after the insane one, either. Butt out.


The scam is that you guys pay 50% taxes on lottery winnings and we don’t. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
{ahem} Oh yes, the OP - tough call. It really isn’t your business, but sitting by while someone gets fleeced isn’t too cool, either. I guess the best you can do is talk to your cousins about it.

You know, maybe you are right. In fact, I should try for a cut! I’ll start calling and sending letters and all that BS. Man, if Dad was around and saw this he would certainly be mortified, and if he knew what she was going to be up to… Well, she wouldn’t have done well in the will. Anyway, I look out for those I care about.

Sane cousin has been able to make the farm pay based on letting another guy farm it for a share, and selling some timber that needed to be thinned, but since he can’t go down there and stay any more (it is several hours away) it just got 10 times harder to manage.

And yeah, the lottery was a pure scam. No prizes, no winnings. She has lost several thousand on more than one occasion. They did a 60 Minutes segment or read about it here. She continued to play and lose large sums AFTER we showed her articles like that. If that isn’t incompetent, I don’t know what is.

Christ, if she had e-mail, all the money would be in Nigeria by now…