My new car & great husband

I think I mentioned a few months back that my crappy Ford Windstar had died and I was looking for a new car. Well, it took a while and was a damned hard decision, but I finally decided on a PT Cruiser. I know some don’t like them, but I think they are adorable – more importantly, my 4’9" daughter (who has CP and walks with crutches) can get in and out of it easily. Some of the cars we tried were just too high for her. Also. her wheelchair will fit in the back – if I put down half the seat, I can slide it right in, or, if I need both seats, I can take the wheels off (they come off fairly easily) and fit it in the cargo area. And the price was right – I really hate to spend more than $18,000 on a car – we got this one for $16,300 out the door.

So, we went to the dealership on Thursday and selected the one I wanted – the Touring edition in Cool Vanilla. They had a convertible in the same color there with the neatest flame decal, so I asked them to put a similar decal on mine. They had to bring it in from Philly and my husband told me they’d have it ready to pick up this Monday.

Now today is my birthday and we’re going out to dinner and he says he needs to stop by the dealership and sign something he forgot to sign on Thursday. My mom and dad are with us and I was looking around to show them the flames on the convertible when my dad says, “Like that one?” And – as smarter people than me have already figured out – my car was there in front, ready to go! Kevin had stopped on his way home from work yesterday, went into Michael’s Arts & Crafts (a place I’m sure he’s never been inside before) and bought a big red bow to put on the rear view mirror. He said he couldn’t surprise me with the car itself, because he wanted me to pick it out, but he wanted to surprise me somehow. Wasn’t that sweet?

I love my new car! I’m going to take a picture of it tomarrow – maybe I’ll post a link.

That’s fantastic, Jess! Congrats on the new car - let us know how it runs. DH and I are looking into one of those for next year.

And aren’t hubbies the best? Mine just bought me a brand-new laptop last week. I’m not used to being treated so well!

(Nah, this isn’t that newlywed glow, is it?)

Congrats again!:slight_smile: