My new homebrew Forgotten Rums campaign!

Alright, it’s not quite official, but I will probably be running a new quasi-fantasy campaign soon. It will be weird. Granted, it probably can’t compare to our current game, where we’re horribly crazy non-samurai in Legend of the Five Rings. Among our various exploits: splitting/copying the very dimension in two (nobody noticed), punching holes in it, and ruining every social event we’ve been in, including some which never happened. I am not making this up, and it was all done by accident every time. More amusingly while the campaign has gone on so long we all have incredibly weird and awesome powers, it’s mostly just things we’ve done without using any special abilities.

So, onto the new insane campaign. I’ve decided to do Forgotten Rums. No, not Forgotten realms: Forgotten Rums. ‘Cuz that’s what I musta been drunk on when I came up with it. Thus far, I’ve decided to mock the events of 4th Edition FR and the late 3rd era. Thus, Some earthlings have figured out how to get in, and are selling guns n’ ammo in exchange for mounds and mounds of gold.

Cyric is planning to let loose the Wall of the Faithless (and, not coincidentally, unleaching the greatest act of justice in all of history) to eat many of the gods who should’ve put a stop to AO; Cyric is aided by Hoar, Tyr, and a few others. Most of the gods including AO seek refuge on Aber-Toril.

Cyric will be played as a Monarch-type supervillain, scheming to fight with his new archnemesis, Elminster. As it happens, they’re also two of the non-idiots around. Mystra lives and is now a drunken, low-class hooker in Dambrath (God, I hate Midnight). Kelemvor is eaten by the Faithless, who become a hungry undead collective deity. And it is pissed. Bane probably own’t be appearing, but he lives, the filthy puling coward. Savras will probably become a major force, as he’s basically been waiting for this for the last eon (“I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew it all, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little Wall of Annihilated Souls, isn’t it? Well, it’s always the same. I always tell them–”)

Deities on the Death List include Lathander, Helm, Azuth. Shar gets killed tryng to control the Faithless, which more or less takes Selune down enough she more or less goes dormant. Gond is eaten, which both dampens and expands the possibilities for technological development; the natural laws which let them work may become erratic. Howver, it might be possible for the characters to do something about the problems or even bring back the gods eventually.

For now, the gods have much power, but are reduced to more-or-less mortality.

Let’s see… the game takes place - or at least starts - in Dambrath, so the Drow are going to be a major factor along with Halrua and Luiren. Vhaerun is now neutral and is currently riding out the mess by staying on Earth (Eilistrae is handling his divine duties while he stages a wrestling comeback). Lolth is still around, and has the advantage of having a backdoor into the minds of every drow around - which is why they tend to get twisted and nightmarishly corrupt. However, her control has been disrupted leading many of them to be confused, facing divine-attention addiction withdrawal, and not feeling nearly as enjoyably evil. Meanwhile a somewhat confused half-Christian half-Buddhist missionary from Earth is busy converting many of them in Ched Nased (which has, mysteriously, been moved to the Underdark nearby).

Oh, and there’s a tiny little thing where a massive civil war is about to start because divine magic is either dead or erratic, and arcane magic is gone haywire (old magic items have sometimes retained their juice, however…) Thus, characters have to actually completely research entire new methods of magic. The upside is they get to decide on them. Meanwhile, the moving of Ched Nasad is not the only twist of the knife, as whole sub-realms are getting shoveled in.
OK, so… with all of that, any ideas? Any deities you want to get a comeuppance? Any bits of crappy books wou want stomped? (Leave Drizz’t and Artemis Entreri out of it, please. Just don’t even bring them up for good or bad.) Right now, we’re still deciding on the system. I may go with a modified 3rd edition Eclipse game or possibly Runequest or Shadowrun.