My Nuts

My Nuts are stored in a bowl beside the couch.

Actually, Wump, they’re legumes.

Just curious, wump:

How often do you clean your nuts? Do you just do a light dusting as needed, or do you wash them?

What do other people say when they see your nuts? Are they impressed? Do they help themselves?

Have you ever been surprised to see one of your male friends take interest in your nuts? If so, why?

Do you prefer big nuts or smaller nuts?

Sometimes you feel like a nut.

Sometimes you don’t.

I really have nothing important to say pertaining to this thread.
I just want to be able to say I posted a reply to a thread with the name “My Nuts” :smiley:

Man walks into a psychiatrist’s office, clad only in Saran Wrap.

Psychiatrist says, “Clearly I can see your nuts.”

Thanks, you’re too kind.

A nibble of your nuts, if I may, Wump?

[fat boys]
My nuts are BIG and round like me.
[/fat boys]

I’m sure your nuts would go well with chocolate, salty balls.

(The download is about halfway down the page.)

My nuts?
Last time I saw em was on my wedding day. :eek:

My husbands nuts are scattered all over the backyard at the moment. After work, he plans on gathering them up as best he can. Then he’ll load them into the trunk, take them to the edge of town, and have them run through a hulling machine. Whatever remains of his nuts will then be weighed out, and he will be paid accordingly.

[sub]Black Walnuts![/sub] :slight_smile:

i keep my nuts in the garage. i think i probably have more than most other guys. i sort them by size and store them in little drawers. the special ones, i keep in little boxes by themselves.

i also go to the garage when i need a good screw.

my wife knows theres alway a good tool waiting for her in my garage.

i love my garage!

Does this thread remind anyone else of Alec Baldwin’s
NPR skit on SNL, the Shweaty Family Christmas Balls gig?
Radio announcer; “May I taste your balls?”
Baldwin as Mike Shweaty; “Do whatever you want with them,
ladies. My balls are here for your pleasure.”

Well, i usually try to put them in my mouth, swish’m around and then put them back. But i can’t always reach My Nuts, so other people suck on my nuts instead.

The usual comment is “Hey can I eat your nuts?”. Then when they’re eating My Nuts: “Wow, your nuts are really salty!! Do you ever wash them?”
Although, for the most part, they can’t help themselves but to grab at My Nuts… Without even asking!!!

Acctually, it’s funny theat you mention that. Many of my friends have begun to come over for the sole purpose of eating my nuts, or cleaning them when i can’t be bothered.

I guess my nuts just have that certain somthing, like some magical aura that surrounds them…

Some people claim to be “alergic” to my nuts… i think it’s bullshit…