my one friend..

my one friend myra we met in 5th grade we were good buds for 2 years intill one day it wasnt even my fault at all… :S ok so my mom dropped me off at her house
she told me to tell her that her dad said hi… i was ok ill tell her i told her when we were in her bed room i was like oh hey my mom told me to tell u your dad said hi
she was about to open her door and yell hi dad and i was like wait no not him your other dad she was like what do u mean my other dad?!! u knew i had a other dad?!! i didnt know my mom did she was upset all that night i had to leave early and when i tried to call her again she ran away i finally got to see her again by chance when i was 17 at a church play she didnt act like she was my friend then i felt like crying i never stoped thinking about her and here i got to see her again and she is acting weird idk we only got to talk that one night and she left again disapeared no one knew anything i would call her mom like once every other month to see if she heard from her again and nothing i hate to give up…but i did give up for awhile a few years i tried to forget about her but her mother’s number was a curse to me because when we were little we made up a poem about the number so we would never forget it( me and my sis) i was about 23
one day i tried out of the blue her mom was like hey!! i heard from her again this is her cell phone number we only talked for a few days here n there on the phone never even got a chance to met her again she was always so “busy” i kept telling my self maybe were not meant to be friends… were not meant to be friends just give up just give up but the stuborn part of me wont give up and one day i tried to find her online i couldnt find her so i found her sister instead i got her number again when i was 26 but i couldnt call her all the time because i dont have a phone or alot of money to use the pay phone by this time were hundreds of miles apart but stupid me hates to give up still holding on…
why do i keep thinking about her for just give up were never going to met again im 29 now almost 30…and then she found me on myspace
i was like a lil kid on crack talking to her on yahoo messanger it felt so good to chat with her its weird she has 3 kids now and is going through a divorce we only got to chat for a hour because she said she had to go omg it felt like my heart got ripped out of my chest im so stupid all i ever wanted was a best friend
i dont know she say’s…she’ll be on tommorow at 2pm but i get this feeling like she wont be on and this time im giving up
a part of me says us 2 need to be friends and the other part of me screams im just a dork :confused: :smack: :frowning:

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