My roommate's dog barks at me when I fart.

This is weird. I just found out that if I raspberry my arm, my roommate’s dog goes nuts. I mean, jumping on me, barking at me, and sniffing my ‘offending’ area . . . Just insanely nuts!

Note however, that when I really do squeak one out, he’s the last to notice. Even when I let a long one rip, he doesn’t care.

However, I can ‘play fart’, and he goes off the wall. This is so cool. I now have a new hobby. :smiley:

Not one of my more enlightening topics, but what the hell . . .

I wish I recall who posted this …

They had spent an hour or so in the bathroom passing some, shall we say, strong-smelling Mexican food. As they exited the bathroom, their small beagle, dear sweet Buckles, began barking frantically at the bathroom.

Either warning everyone of what was in there, or trying desperately to keep the stench inside.

Once the snow melts and you can find your truck again, I strongly encourage you to flee North Dakota.

How, exactly, did you come to discover this?

“Hey look everyone, I can play Mozart with my armpit!”


SNARL grrrraaRRRRRR!!!



and they give this man automatic weapons and explosives…

Maybe it’s not really you.

Ask yourself: “What exactly has my roommate done to traumatize his dog this way?..”