My SF short story "Yamadori" is out!

The November/December issue of Analog just came in the mail. It contains my short story Yamadori.

No illustration, and no cover credit. But one of these days…
Besides that, Silver Blade publishing is soon releasing my novella A Light so Brilliant and Wondrous, a retelling of Frankenstein. And I’m now editing the follow-up to How the Ray Gun Got its Zap! (which I’m calling [Zap! II for now) for Oxford University Press, to be published sometime in 2020.

Wow, congratulations! I’ve submitted to Analog a few times but I’ve been rejected, so I’ll say with a bit of jealousy that that’s quite an accomplishment!

Might I be permitted the vanity of saying this is the third thing of mine they’ve published. Although I’ve had a lot of rejections, too.

Congrats! Getting published always feels good.

I can’t believe Analog is still around. I had a subscription in the 1970’s. Then I did a search and its been around since 1930. Amazing.


I’ve still got my subscription, so I’m looking forward to reading your story.

And now that I know what to look for, I’ll dig through my archived copies to re-read the other two.

No, Astounding.

Congrats! As the saying goes, you’re an writer when other people call you a writer.

I resisted the temptation, but thank you for this.

Damn! I’m on a roll!

Not only is my story out in Analog (I just picked up two copies in the supermarket tight!), but I just learned that
I received another patent last week! (that makes five now)

Then I got home and found that I had another article in the new issue of Optics and Photonics News – “The Endless Corridor”.

I once heard Ellison say “You’re a writer when a publisher says you’re a writer.” :smiley:

I am going to get that issue, so I need to ask: Do you get more money if I buy the newsstand edition, or if I get it online?

How you buy it doesn’t affect author pay, which is based on word count on accepted stories.

From Analog’s website:

Analog Analog it is, then.

Picked it up at Powel’s Books this morning. Interesting mixture of mechanics and nature that I haven’t encountered before in fact or fiction-well done. About the “nature” part-is that branch of horticulture a hobby of yours, or was that just good research?

Thank you very much for those kind words.

It’s all research. I’ve been kind of fascinated by the topic for years – this was just an excuse to dig a little deeper and use the information.

And, as Antibob pointed out, how you get it doesn’t affect what I get paid. In fact, I was paid well before this hit the newsstands. it’s not a lot of money, though. There’s no way I could support myself on my writing alone.


Spammer reported.