My sister, a pro hoax believer, has Covid

The irony of this is has put an “I told you it was true” smile on many family members. She came down with the symptoms about a week after visiting some cousin’s that live in another part of the state of Washington. I am wondering how many others in the pictures she posted on FB are going to suffer the same fate.

Her FB post stating she tested positive for Covid has some pretty wild responses. One person told her to hire an attorney and sue the Democrats, especially the governor of Washington. They are the reason this hoax if making people sick. Her son in law told her to avoid going to a hospital, they are being paid to let people die.

My reply to her post was to get well and follow her doctor’s orders.

But does she STILL believe it is a hoax? Or did she actually learn something?

What the everloving fuck is wrong with people???

I think the stop peg on the dial just snapped.

Just curious, if she knew the virus was a hoax, why did she bother to get tested?

I hope your sister recovers fully, but it would be appropriate if she gets sick enough to be a little worried before starting to get better.


I am scared to go to a hospital or clinic, though. Not because they might let me die on purpose. It may not can be helped.

I was curious how this works, but it appears that it can be done through incantations under a full moon while swinging a live chicken over your head. I’m pretty sure this is the governor of Washington, in a secret surveillance photo:

I’m curious about both these things, too.

You really posted that?

Questions answered. She has not posted since she broke the news. Her daughter has posted a couple updates about her condition. Her daughter insisted on the test after taking temperature. (102.5 and rising).

What’s the book? Need answer fast!

The internet. Not everyone can handle it.

Not sure specifically what that book is, but it’s clearly Hebrew. The picture appears to show an orthodox Jew practicing kapparot, a non-Biblical and non-Talmudic ritual in which one’s sins are transferred to a chicken which is then slaughtered in some ritual manner.

See: Wikipedia: Kapparot:

The Custom of Kapparot for additional detail.

Which most Jews do symbolically by tossing bread into water.

Hey, let’s not play that Jews are somehow linked to COVID with their crazy and unintelligible rites.

If you enjoy that type of news: I just learned Wednesday that my rabid Trumper brother (Don’t blame the rest of our family, New England liberals all. He moved to Alabama thirty years and they DID something to him) has died from Covid.

It wasn’t a big shock that it would kill him – he’s been living in a care facility for a few years now, heart problems and liver disease – but he went from “Everything’s fine” to dead over less than three days.

Apparently the real question is how many of the other residents will join him. They have something like over 50 people out of 80 something with confirmed diagnoses.

My condolences, StarvingButStrong.

Thank you. We haven’t been close for a long time, but it’s still shocking.

That was not the intent and my apologies if you or anyone else took it that way. It was a joke, and personally I’m an equal-opportunity critic of all silly religious rituals, especially those that are sometimes allowed to take priority over science and reason and sometimes over life itself. My point was that anyone who believed in the kind of nonsense described in the OP could not possibly have a handle on science and reason. It was neither political nor anti-religion per se. Is this crisis causing us all to lose our sense of humor?

I didn’t catch a Jewish thing there at all with that picture. No offense intended.

Nice post, Wolfpup!

Would you like to accuse us of killing Christian children and using their blood to make matzoh next?