Florida teen dies of coronavirus after her mother took her to a corona virus party to intentionally infect her

A Florida teenager has died of coronavirus after her QANon Trumpist mother took her to her church for a coronavirus party to intentionally infect her. The girl had a compromised immune system after she had cancer at the age of two, and once she began showing Covid symptoms, her mother tried treating her at home with hydroxycholoroquine, among other trash treatments.

What church hosted this party?

First Assembly of God in Fort Myers according to this link https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/20200629/florida-teen-dies-of-covid-19-family-is-comforted-that-she-is-pain-free?fbclid=IwAR15ZhG2Xj9FiC_d-1IoKbC34RJSsfQoH1gKl1A0dl5wcq3cEKzrJhvKRyc

Holy fuck-talk about burying the lede! Where the expose about how she caught it?

Another great example of the sweet breath of Og. Church-sponsored=Idiotic.

Was her mom a 4channer or anti-vaxxer ?

Antivax and QAnon, apparently.

That’s negligence. They should step in and take her daughter away from her.

I guess they already did.

No, thats manslaughter.

A dropped a little note on the Palm Beach Post Facebook page(the letters section for that story was shut down) asking why so much information had been left out.

The bitch ought to end up in fucking jail. That’s classic child endangerment if that statute means anything.

Perhaps all the parents who took their children to that “party” should have their children taken away. Maybe other children didn’t die, but maybe they passed it on to grandparents or to unfortunate strangers, resulting in other deaths.

I think it’s pointless to call this woman an anti-vaxxer or even QAnon follower, because you could be both of those things without behaving this way. She is clearly just batshit stupid/crazy.

How can you call her crazy? The President himself says it’s no big deal to get the virus. The President himself touted Hydoxychlorquinine As a cure alll

I mean you can’t just write someone off as crazy when they follow the direct advice of the president of the USA.

I’m assuming she’s low-IQ and/or demented. Believing trump pretty much defines it.

…and many republican senators and representatives, the press secretary and others in the administration, and many of the most popular anchors on the most popular cable “news” network.

Yes it’s all breathtakingly fuckdumb (and criminal) but it would be an interesting trial, is all I’m saying.

You know there’s stupid and there’s outright ignorant.
Some people shouldn’t have children.
I hope she’s charged with a crime or 2.

Darwinism in action. That woman is too stupid to successfully reproduce.

In any animal (including the naked monkey type) if a mother is so utterly lacking in maternal instincts that her offspring die as a direct consequence of her actions, then poof out of the gene pool for you!

In this specific case, how would the woman wind up in prison? Does the state initiate pressing charges?

If that’s the case, then … would any charges be pressed if it weren’t for social media? Maybe the Book of Faces isn’t the societal poison folks enjoy unilaterally making it out to be.

Emphasis mine.

While this woman is a complete fucking idiot, there seems to be little or no evidence that this was a COVID party, or that the girl was taken to the party with the intention of getting her infected.

The story linked in the OP now says:

Still, the daughter went to a party, right? That’s still incredibly stupid. And if the bit about a hundred mask-free children is correct, still more stupid, along with the attempts at in-home treatment.

“… but you need a license to sell real estate.”

  • Dr. Becker

The medical examiner’s report (at least the public version) doesn’t say anything about an attempt to deliberately infect the daughter.

As the girl had serious medical problems and was morbidly obese, it sounds like horribly deficient parenting to allow her to go to this mass event, especially since parents who are in health care (mom reportedly is a nurse) should’ve known better.

Trump has said highly stupid things about the pandemic, but even he hasn’t suggested sending vulnerable children to mass gatherings without social distancing and masks, then trying to treat them at home when they get sick.

Recreational outrage can be a contagious disease.