My son doesn't start school until Monday and I already hate a parent

At the school today with the wife and kid, signing him up for lunch, seeing his bus schedule, etc. Monday is his first day at kindergarten and we are very excited and proud to see our only son getting ready to move on from pre-k to this new school.

In his future classroom, we met his teacher and chatted for a bit, and I sat and filled out paperwork needed for the new year. As I sat, I heard another parent introduce himself to the teacher (there were probably a half dozen in the room when we were there) and closed with the statement ‘oh, you probably heard about me, I’m the parent that you all are going to hate’.

My interest was piqued by this so I continued to listen and he apparently mentioned that he caused, or is trying to cause, an amendment to be passed so that evolution is not mentioned in the educational system. The teacher mentioned that the kids are far too young to go over that still, but he was offended because there was a poster in the hallway that had the phrase ‘millions of years ago’ and that ‘evolution is just another religion’. It was only proper manners that I didn’t jump down his throat at that point to see what the hell kind of backwoods upbringing he had to learn this and why he felt the need to pass off his fallacies to others.

Still, we have a non-kid, parent only meeting tonight at the school, and if he is there, and I am there, and he brings it up, I may not be so polite.

Why bother hating him? Why not just have him killed right now?

Its futile, is inferior genetic makup has already spawned a new copy futher diluting the intellectual growth of our species.

Why would God do such a thing?

Oh yeah, like he can do that now, after your post. :rolleyes:

But evolution doesn’t exist, so it’s not going to affect anything :wink:

I’m on the same page with Otto. Hell, at the very least, I’d go home and everyday drill into my child’s head, “Evolution is science, not religion, and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.”

Because ‘dissection’ isn’t until 7th grade…?

Do you hear that, TommyTutone? It’s a faint, distant siren…warning us to evacuate the South while we still can…for the kids’ sake… :stuck_out_tongue: :mad:

Why do I hear this in my head with an old-school Cylon voice?
[sub]by your command[/sub]

Either I misunderstood what separation of church and state meant, or public schools are not part of the state. Somebody pick one.

Ask the hitman about his two-for-one Back To School Days Specials.

You should have gotten up and said, “I am starting a petition also. I noticed a lot of globes, practically in every classroom. This is ridiculous, the earth is just as likely to be flat and I think it is irresponsible to expose children to such a one-sided view.”

The way anti-evolution advocates (to use the most neutral term I can) and similar ilk see it, the state is prevented from interfering with the church, but there is nothing about the church being prevented from interfering with the state.

He’s fur-bearing. You need a permit.

I fully expect and welcome all jokes relating to the south, but I thought, THOUGHT, that I lived in a decent enough suburb that this shit wouldn’t come up. I guess I should count my blessings that it is just one parent and not the other way around with me being the only one not calling dinosaurs ‘Jeebus horses’.

Hey, I only make it as a gentle jest at a fellow Southerner (Houston may be in Texas, but I’m closer to Louisiana than to Dallas!). :slight_smile:

Fighting fair isn’t one of their teachings, I suppose.

Actually, as they see it, evolution is itself a religious doctrine, and by teaching it, schools are endorsing a kind of religion of “secular humanism” and “naturalism”.

Please tell me I’m being whooshed here, right? Indoctrinating your kids into believing evolution is science is a thousand times more stupid than believing it’s a religion