My son made the front page

. . .of their local newspaper. I suspect the photos will only be up for today. Man, he really transformed himself, as did his wife. She lost something like 60 pounds and won $10,000 in some promotional thing the company sponsored.

Chefguy, that’s very cool! Please pass along my congratulations!

Congratulations! This inspires me. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, is it just me, or does that news website make it really hard to find out just where River Falls is? I mean, pictures of snow said that it was in the northern hemisphere, and the use of Fahrenheit pointed to a US location, but… but the actual state is in the fine print at the very bottom of the page. If it said, “River Falls, Wisconsin” at the top…


Usually, when somebody hits the front page, it is a non-good thing.

Glad it’s a happy occasion.

I wonder if their weight loss has anything to do with the local Quizno’s closing. :dubious:

Seriously though, good for them! I hope they’re enjoying their new and smaller selves.

That is really cool. Although there was only a picture of his wife in the article I read.

I also got a good laugh that the local Quizno’s closing made front page news. I really miss living in a small town.

Oh hell, they took his photo down too fast. He went from being a bit paunchy to being completely ripped, losing 21 pounds in the process. His obsessive nature probably had something to do with it.

Oh wait. If you scroll thru the photos on page one, his pops up.

I thought maybe he was trapped in Quiznos or something.

Thanks for sharing happy news about your big fat loser son and daughter in law!!:smiley:

Can’t say I agree with their taking all the supplements, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting them any.

Is it this?

Awesome, although when I read the thread title I thought “that could be a good thing, or a very very bad thing”.

This is him, right? They both look great!

Wow. If it weren’t for the tattoos, I’d think his head was photoshopped onto someone else’s body for that 2nd picture. That’s incredible. Hell, he wasn’t too bad to start off with, but his total weight loss is a bit deceiving–he’s clearly lost fat and put on muscle, which makes him lose very little in weight but a ton in inches.

No, that’s him alright. He has about $10K worth of tatoos. His back is completely covered. He lifted weights and wrestled back in high school and hasn’t let himself go since then, so he had a good base to build on. His wife was getting quite large and saw that Beach Body thing on a shopping channel and thought “what the hell”.