My stupid, stupid friend.

A friend of mine at another forum had been flirting with this guy over some time. I guess she started to really like him. He wanted her to send him sexy pictures of her. She was skeptical but after he sent pictures of him to her she did the same.

Now he says he didn’t get the pictures and then minutes later tells her he will send her another email address because that one is used for work. She is not sure about this because it is gmail and most companies have their own email with the company name in it somewhere. She has not heard from him after that email.

She is very hurt now because she feels used and thought she trusted this guy. He now ignores her on the boards. I have told her that men can be asses but she already doesn’t like the way she looks and feels every guy seems to do this to her once they see her.

Not sure what to tell her. She is really down about this. Why do guys flirt and then seem to really get into the girl in the background and then turn around and hurt them?

Because we are all assholes who only care about enlarging our egos.

It’s the thrill of conquest, baby.

And he got some free soft porn out of it, by the sound of things…

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was actually his goal… once the rapport was there, he flirted a bit more, asked for some pictures, and got them. Therefore he’s acheived his goal.

However… I would expect someone who’d done that to try to get some more.

I dunno. Guys are asses, as you say.

It’s true that this guy is an ass. But most likely, he didn’t like what he saw and is just blowing her off. Most likely, the pictures will probably be seen by most of his friends, but not posted on a web site or anything. I repeat, most likely! But your friend needs to wisen up. She had absolutely nothing to gain be sending those kinds of pictures to him unless she was looking for a very short-term relationship.

Oh, man, this is such a a lose-lose situation. Regardless of how your friend “looks”, the guy on the other end is most likely picturing a model-type babe, just dripping with pure hotness.

So even if she’s cute/attractive, there’s going to be somewhat of a let down on the side of the guy.

Worse yet, on the flip-side, even if he’s “into” the picture thing, I agree, he might not care about looks as much as getting some porn.

Not sure which is worse.

Because they’re absolute and complete arses.

Just be there for your friend–whatever she needs you to be, a shoulder to cry on or a friend to sit on the couch and commiserate with.

Hey, this is no different than the woman who goes home with a guy from a bar, spends the night, and never hears from him again. She may be hurt, but she should consider herself lucky.

She should consider herself lucky she never met the idiot.

And who knows…it could have been a 14 year old boy doing it for giggles, or some 435 pound guy who knows she would never give him the time of day if he sent real pictures, or it could be Bill Clinton, or it could be Rosie O’Donnell, or it could be…

Lots of people have good luck meeting people over the internet, but there are quite a few horror stories and some stories of just jerks - the same jerks she would have met in the local bar, but at least she didn’t have to get all gussied up to go meet him. She discovered he was an ass before it got any further. Sounds like an internet success story to me!

Yeah, I think she learned her lesson. Well, I hope she did.