"My theory is that ...."

Inspired by this post in the thread I once mistakenly believed … , which seems to be more of a theory than a childish mistake type deal, I’d like to invite you all to post your wild ideas that you’re sure are correct if only you could get those so-called “experts” to pay attention. Anyone is welcome to post any evidence they know in support of other’s theories. If anyone knows of contrary evidence to anyone’s theory, well, they know where they can put it…

Here’s my theory: Archeologists have found many fossil hominids, but no ancestral gorillas or chimps more recent than about 6 million years ago. (Well, that’s what I’ve read, and if you know different, see the above.) This seems bloody unlikely. I think the Paranthropus “hominids” (formerly “robust Australopithecines”) must be the ancestors of gorillas. They’ve got that big bone crest on their skull an’ all. You see, archaeologists have been assuming that humans came “down from the trees”, so they’ve ignored the possiblity that evolution went the opposite direction.

OK, that’s mine. What’s yours?

I like yours. My theory is that galaxies are formed by black holes; that all galaxies are really giant “accretion disks.”

My theory is that when Einstein said the speed of light was a constant that he did so to simplify his math.
He knew that it was just as relative as anything else, and he could chose anything to pin down as his starting point and he just chose that. If he’d picked something like an atomic clock as the starting point, then light would be seen to sometimes go faster. And time would not compress at high speeds. But the math would have been trickier, and he wasn’t interested in traveling near the speed of light when he picked the “constant”.

I know this will be a controversial statement, but I think a cabal of powerful Jews is controlling the government of Israel.

I have this theory that if Israel gave full citizenship and voting rights to the Palestinians born within its borders, that their little world would not come to an end, but the strife of the region would.

I have a theory that ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s, autism, and several other disorders can be lumped into the category of “minimal brain dysfunction” - along with synesthesia, eidetic memory and other perceptive issues. There is some evidence to link some of these things, but I don’t think anyone has done enough research in exactly how the human brain works physiologically. I’m not entirely certain it is possible to do that much research in any kind of cohesive fashion, but it’s a theory that circles around in MY brain fairly frequently. Since I have the attention span of a mayfly on methamphetamines myself, I doubt I’ll ever personally pursue it, but I really wish someone would, and then publish a single paragraph that proves it and sums it up neatly in layman’s terms. :slight_smile:

Junk food manufacturers are putting powerful addictive chemicals in their products to get us addicted.

Skin magazine publishers embedded those chemicals in their pages, but the chemicals aren’t as potent when taken up through the skin, so everyone now gets their porn from the 'net.

When the Japanese auto manufacturers came to the U.S. to study our production techniques, a mistake in translation caused them to misunderstand “we aim for planned obsolescence” as “we aim for planned excellence.”

New Coke was not a brilliantly planned move to divert everyone’s attention away from switching from sugar to corn syrup in Classic Coke. Rather, it was a monumentally stupid marketing blunder.

I have this theory that the weakest of any species will be the first to die or be killed. So when I drink alcohol and it kills the weakest of my brains cells, I am actually getting smarter!

What’s that you say? You think I have plagarized this idea?


I have a theory that our “Global Warming” is just a part of an overall warming of our planet due to a wave-like series of winter-like iceages followed by a spring-like thaws. IE. A cycle similar to our seasons, only on a larger scale involving the overall temperature of our planet and greater periods of time. Our “global warming” is just an over all tread up in temperatures and that eventually it will peak, plateau, and then begin falling into another iceage. This theory wouldn’t discount any sound scientific data showing an increase in temperature, and it also wouldn’t dismiss influence by mankinds enviromental impact, which may be accelerating what is already a natural cycle. I don’t imagine that a few thousand years of samples/records (if there are that many) can be used to extrapolate complex climate changes of a 4+ billion year old rock.

That last Thursday I could have had another brother or sister and this morning when I woke up I don’t and he or she now never existed and that time can do that.

That everyone thinks everyone 100 years ago were a bunch of morons, no matter who they are, where they were born, or what year it is.

That anthropologists are working to prove themselves right rather than analyse data and draw conclusions - and this only gives fuel to creationists, but is probably the only way for them to get money.

That intelligence has may not be the best tool for survival.

Maybe a shorter, more interesting life would be better than a long, boring life.

The Universe is exanding and will continue to do so up until a point where it begins to converge back into a black hole. There will once again be a “Big Bang” and the whole process starts all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat forever (which is a very long time).

BTW, what is the current thinking on what existed prior to the Big Band? Do Cosmologists sort of fudge the issue and say “Well, we don’t know and have no way of knowing. We have to take it on faith.” In that case, what makes them any different from Creationists who also take their theory “on faith?”

I think it’s conceivable that a comet obliterated a prehistoric civilization many thousands of years ago, and that the reason people were superstitiously afraid of comets in the past was, ultimately, due to almost-forgotten stories of the real cataclysm, rather than just a general sense of “bad vibes” from the comet in the sky.

Naaah, not really, but wouldn’t be a great premise for a sci-fi story?

I will suppress my urge to say that’s a musicological, not cosmological question, to ask why a cosmologist would utter the second sentence you attribute to cosmologists. If they say they don’t know, and have no way of knowing, what are they taking on faith?

  1. Religion is the single largest cause of injustice.

  2. Time is merely an artifact of mathematics. An axis, if you will, of a multidimensional space which we simply do not have the ability to perceive. Nothing has happened in the past, nothing is happening right now, and nothing will happen in the future. What we consider to be “now” is merely an arbitrary instantaneous position in a steady-state system. Note that this does not imply fatalism, as multiple outcomes of decisions are possible - simply corresponding to different positions in the multidimensional space.

  3. The one person who really knows what’s going on within any organization will be the first to be laid off.

I think humans are the least-evolved species on our planet.

This thread has a loose parallel to the Edge’s 2005 World Question Center.

I’m not a theoretical physicist (nor do I play one on TV), but from my limited exposure to people discussing the issue I recall scientists saying that they didn’t know what occured before the Big Bang or what triggered it; however, there had to be “something” there because if there wasn’t…well, you can’t get “something” from “nothing.” They are taking it on faith that there was something pre-existing the Big Bang, but they can’t identify what “it” was. I suppose “it” could be the point where science and religion converge.

Unfortunately, my theory doesn’t have a good beat and you can’t dance to it, so I’d be reluctant to so it was musicological question.

I believe that the clothing industry and the diet industry are in cahoots with one another to feed the weaknesses every woman has about her body and desperate need to be a part of the pack.
I believe that one day the pharmacuetical industry will be like the Tobacco Industry. Hiding the truth about some many bad things and pushing, pushing, pushing the Doctors to subscribe the pills so that people either become addicted ( a crutch) or beleive that they have to take a pill to deal with any situation.
I believe xbox and its ilk is one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Reality TV is another HOrsemen.
I beleive that as more and more and more parents use the TV as an electronic pacifier, that one day in the future, we are going to see a huge backlash of young adults who don’t know how to entertain themselves in a bad, bad bad way.

I believe that all the food that is on sale every week in your local grocer is pretty much the stuff that is bad for you. Junk food. Fast prepared food. Utter Shit & Total Crap. You know, the totally addictive Cheezits and Pringles. Fokkers.

Ever notice how its the good for you foods that are rarely on sale?

Ever notice how all the stuff that is good for you on a shelf is usually up high on a top shelf? And the Spongebob Squarepants SugarFest Cereals (et al) are right smack dab in the middle of the shelve? This is because kids are eye level to this and they must be brainwashed at an early age.

Oh, and the stuff on the endcaps are usually shit too. YMMV.
I also beleive that if They (meaning, the company) have to advertize it, then I don’t need it. So the more commerical blitzing on a product the less I need it. But the longer you are subjected to such commando advertizing the more your resistance is brought down and before you know it you are buying the Bud lite & DinoThunders.

I beleive we are mostly tools. Yeah, we are.

First of all, what Hoodoo Ulove said. Secondly, the big difference is that whatever theory Actual Scientists have, they will change their minds when presented with better evidence. (OK, some of them are jerks, or short sighted, or stubborn, or egotistical, and the process doesn’t always work to perfection). Someone who believes the bible to be true will never change their mind, ever.