My Three Wives

It actually started out as kind of a joke on the boards with the virtual marriage thing. But during the past three months since the four of us got “married” three ladies have shared joys, fears, dissappointments, good news and bad news, the ups and downs of life, and all sorts of other things. They’ve been there to help me out and keep my spirits up through a depressing time and from what I understand, have been there for each other too.

So I just wanted to state publically that it’s been a true joy being “married” to Scotticher, EvilBeth, and Persephone. You three mean the world to me.

Yep, those three are awfully lucky to have you Euty.

Read it as:
“Yep, those three are awfully lucky to lick you, Euty.”

That should read:

I read it as:

Read “read” in the past tense, not “read” as in “reed”…


Euty honey…

No one ever had a better friend than you have been to me. And yes, it did start as a joke. I didn’t really know Beth and Cristi when you “married” us. But I have come to love them. They are bright, beautiful women who care about others and do what they can to help. I am proud to be part of your “harem”, Euty. You have excellent taste in “wives”…well, at least in the other two. Modesty precludes me from including myself in there.

They are wonderful, and I try, how about that?

A toast to Cristi and Beth…may you always be happy, and healthy and loved. I think that the two of you are just the best! And I am happy to be in your company!

And Euty? Sometimes I think you are the best person I know. Other times, I think I am going to have to smack you silly. Sounds like real life, doesn’t it?

You mean the world to me, too.

Much Love,


I know what you mean, Euty. My virtual wife is now my SO IRL. :slight_smile:

Isn’t he a sweetie, folks?

You know we love you, Euty!


And I’d say you did a damned good job picking out wives! You got three of the best! (My modesty doesn’t prevent me from including myself!)

You’ve got, in addition to the wonderfulness that is me, two absolutely amazing, wonderful women here! I mean, could you ask for anyone sweeter than Scotti? And could there be anyone cooler than Persephone? I’d have to say you’re one of the luckiest men on the SDMB!

I think the four of us make a great team! (Even if some of us have to get ugly and vicious to protect it!)

I cannot express enough love and admiration for Euty, Cheri, and Beth.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad day. I mean, one of those “oh Goddess the world is ending” bad days. I was IMing with Euty, and told him aaaaaaaalllll about it. He, in turn, told Scotti and Beth that I was having a bad day. Didn’t tell them why, just that I was. They both immediately contacted me with expressions of concern, and offers of support. I told both of them all about my problems. The love and support I have received from the three of them has carried me through this difficult time.

As Euty said, it started as a bit of a joke. I was the first to “propose” to him, and in truth, I was slightly buzzed when I did (hey, it was New Year’s Eve!). But I’ll tell you what–hooking up with these three was one of the best things that could possibly have happened to me.


You guys are the best.
[/sub]…and just how did this man manage to get his hands on two redheads and an evilbeth?[/sub]

I don’t know but my hair is red-ish! It’s sort of auburn with red highlights!

You know, Euty, that a guy could do a hell of a lot worse* than any of your wives. Have you ever considered collecting them all together, or just one, and settling down? Maybe you’d find you were HAPPY, or some such improbability.

    • The highest compliment a Minnesotan can give without getting enthusiastic in an unseemly manner.

I thought so. Okay, so how’d he get two evil redheads and a Scotticher? :wink:

Oh, and you’d better settle down, drop. Those veins in your neck are popping out. :smiley:

Ya know Euty, the four of you could move to Utah and not even raise an eyebrow. :slight_smile:

:::::: sniffles :::::

I think I,m gonna cry!